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Do you sell Raiders logo or NFL team paper?

June 17th, 2008

Question: Would you know where I can get scrapbook paper that has the Raiders logo? or any NFL teams? Please let me know. Thank you Tina


Answer: We have a lot of NFL embellishments. And we have several football papers. As for papers and embellishments specific to the Raiders (there isn’t any scrapbooking paper I am aware of), I would check out the site below.  Keep in mind that you could make you own scrapbooking paper by printing the raiders logo from your printer (check out Wallpaper Village for free images that could be printed).

Raiders Helmet Sticker:

Raiders Embellishments:

Raiders Wrapping Paper (you could cut it down to size):

Raiders Fabric (You might consider using fabric as your background - just spray cardstock with an acid free adhesive spray and adhere your fabric to it.):



**I also found a fun chipboard album that is for the Raiders here.


Do you have scrapbook paper that has four cuts/slices in the corners to fit photos into?

May 30th, 2008

Question: I am looking for scrapbook paper that has four cuts/slices in the corners to fit photos into. I see the photo corners but i would rather have it already cut into the page.


Answer:  I can’t seem to find any that already has slits.  Your best bet would be to buy a photo corner slit punch or corner slot punch (it would save you a lot of money too because you could use it on any paper).  You can also do this with a paper cutter or craft knife , but it might take a little more time.  


Question: I’m looking for a graduation cap punch.

May 16th, 2008

Question: I’m looking for a graduation cap punch. I need it ASAP. Any Help? 

Answer: I am not familiar with a punch in that shape.  There are a few die cuts that are shaped like a graduation cap.  You might want to try one like this one from Quickutz.  You may also want to check at your local scrapbooking store.  Mine local store sells precut caps or you can use their die cut machine if you purchase your paper there or pay a small fee.

Difference in the 3M Scotch Adhesive Applicator ATG 700 and the AGT 714 model?

April 17th, 2008

Question: What is the difference in the 3M Scotch Adhesive Applicator ATG 700 and the AGT 714 model?

Answer:  The ATG 700 is for 1/2″ to 3/4″ wide tapes.  The ATG 714 model is just for 1/4″ wide tapes.

Looking for boxing glove for scrapbook . . .

April 17th, 2008

Question: Robin, I am looking for a boxing glove for my scrapbook.  Have seen one of these?  Please help>>>


Answer: Check out these on our site (I think they are super cute!):


I am looking for Nascar layout ideas . . .

April 17th, 2008

Question: I am looking for a great idea for a 2 or 3 page NASCAR spread.  The guys favorite driver is #9 and there are no embellishments for him.


Answer: Check out one of the galleries I have listed below (just type in ‘NASCAR’ for your search) and some of our NASCAR products (I couldn’t find #9 embellishments either).  I did find #9 Kasey Kahne wall sitckers that would totally work for scrapbooking here.


I have also included a few of my favorites from the galleries below (click on image to link to the site with larger picture).

weekendsE_1.jpg  doyouqualifyE_1.jpg

1.) - (I think this gallery is set up the best, very easy to search, and has super cute ideas!)

2.) Scrap Jazz - (My 2nd favorite gallery)

3.) Creating Keepsakes -  (It is harder to search this one, but there are lots of great ideas.)

4.) Scrapbook Flair -

5.) the shabby shoppe -

Where can I buy white rub-ons 3/16″ tall?

April 17th, 2008

Question: I am looking for rub on letters in white about 3/16″ tall.  Preferably Helvetica.  Any idea where I can get some?  Thanks
Answer:  We carry lots of white rub-ons.  As for letters, these are the ones we carry in white.  I believe the ones from American Craft called “jack” are helvetica and about the size you are looking for (although the ad shows them in black, they are actually white).  Basic Grey also sells some white letters in that font, but they are larger (I can’t find the exact size, but they appear larger than the American Craft ones).

Where to find a 12×12 postbound album to cover myself?

April 17th, 2008

Question: I am trying to find a 12 x12 post bound album for scrapbooking that I can cover myself…any ideas who makes them? thanks
Answer: My first answer is that if you are covering the cover up, then it doesn’t matter what the album is before you do it, right?  You can really take any album and recover it.  I would just buy one that is mostly plain or with a window (if you want that), and then use the fabric or paper you desire to cover it. 

There are a few brands out there that sell a “craft” scrapbook that is meant to be painted, covered, embellished.  We carry the 6×6″ and 9×9″ ones from Making Memories.  I also found a company called i-makit that does scrapbook cover kits here . They have postbound and 3-ring in 12×12″ and other sizes.


Looking for “real” car embellishments for an album?

April 2nd, 2008

Question: I am making my husband a car album for the cars he has owned.  I am looking for car embellishments (but that look like real life cars not toy cars), a mini-license plate template that i can copy and write in his actual license plates words, and real car logos or symbols.  Any idea where i can purchase these?  Thank you.


Answer: All of our car embellishments are here - some of which are real cars. And license plates embellishments.  As for car logos/symbols, I found a website that you can get them and print them off here (click on the car name on the right of the screen). I also found a cute way to make a license plate album.  Also, here is the best template for license plates (it does states and years too):

Is there a chipboard book in the word \”GRADUATION\”?

April 2nd, 2008

Question: BoBunny makes chipboard books in \”Love, Baby, Party, etc\”– with graduation right around the corner, I was wondering if there was a company that makes a chipboard book in the word \”Graduation\”.  If there is not a company that has one for sell, how would I go about making one.  I am sure it would sell like hot cakes!


Answer: No company sells one that I could find - Bo Bunny does make “GRADE” - the closest I could find (you could remove the “E” and do “GRAD”). Here are the ones that Bo Bunny does do and ideas for decorating them from their website

Making one, though would be a fun project (also see below for pictures and some easier ways to make one):

1. Get some plain chipboard.

2. Using stencils in the right size of the letters or printing the letters from your computer (and making your own stencil), get the letters of GRADUATION. Keep in mind that graduation is a longer word, so you might have to make the book a little larger.

3.  Lay the stencil on the chipboard, tracing only the right side.  Make sure you leave about 3-4 inches from the right side of the G so you can punch holes.  I would also make sure you trace at least 1/2 of the letter, like this:

Letter G.jpg

4. Continue with each letter on a separate piece of chipboard.  Each letter should have more space on the left side as you get closer to the last “N”. 

5. Punch 2-3 holes in each letter making sure to line them up.  Then use ribbon, rings, etc to attach the pages together.

6.  Now you can decorate them (I remove the rings while decorating to make it easier).

Check out this example of one made out of the word “Family”. And another made out of “Friend” and “Believe“:

Friends-Book_by_sreilly106.jpg   BelieveAlbum_by_AddictedScrapper.jpg

An easier way to do it: