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Where can I buy single chipboard letters?

March 27th, 2007

Question: I love using chipboard letters. I buy them in sets but find that I’m using alot of the same letters (vowels, r, s, t, and l’s) and have alot of the less common ones leftover all the time.  Do you know where I can buy individual chipboard letters?

Answer: A few of my local scrapbooking stores do sell letters alone.  It is hard to find single letters smaller than 3 inches online, but I found a few.  We carry some 2.75″ single chipboard letters from Two Peas in a Bucket, but these sell quick and I notice that many “important” letters are already gone. A Cherry on Top also sells some single letters.

Since I seem to have the same problem as you, I have also found other ways to help me out with the letters I need.  My friends and I get together once a year and “swap” letters (and other supplies) because we all have family members with different names or we use different titles. 

Another way I have saved myself a lot of money is I buy sheets of chipboard and make my own letters.  No - you don’t have to be an artist or perfectionist.  I have several letter stencils, but I also like some of the fonts on my computer, so I print them off the size I want and then lay the sheet of paper over the chipboard and trace over the outline pressing hard.  When the paper is removed you can see the outline on the chipboard. Then just cut it out.  If you sand the edges a bit, it looks amazing!

Are there any scrapbooking stores near London, Ontario?

March 27th, 2007

Question: Hey Robin, Just a question?  Wondering if you know of any scrapbooking stores in about 1 hour radius of London, Ontario.

Answer:  Of Course!  Here are some I found:

Scrapbook Studio Inc.
1890 Hyde Park RD
London, Ontario N6H5L9
tel: (519) 474-2665

Stamp Art
239 Hamilton Rd
London, Ontario

Stamp Shack
355 Wellington Street
(Galleria Mall)
London, Ontario

Memories On Main St
2519-A Main St,
London, ON N6P 1P9,
(519) 652-8300

22494 Adelaide
Mount Brydges,
ON N0L 1W0,
(519) 264-3206

Nanna’s Attic
333 Waterloo Street
New Hamburg,
ON N3A 1S6,
(519) 662-6200

Scrappers Junction Inc
6-169 Wharncliffe Road South
London, ON N6J 2K7, Canada
(519) 433-4614

The Rubber Room
1049 Hamilton Rd
London, ON N5W 1A1, Canada
(519) 452-1489

The Memory Mill
81 Woodvale Dr, Dorchester
ON N0L 1A0, Canada
(519) 268-0931

All About Scrap Books
22 Kent Street
Woodstock, ON N4S 8L5, Canada
(519) 533-1500

Scrapping Notions
101 Queen E
St Marys, ON N4X 1C3, Canada
(519) 284-9990

Keepsake Cottage
379 Huron Stree
Stratford, ON N5A 5T6, Canada
(519) 275-2840

Scrapping Turtle
1441 King N
St Jacobs, ON N0B 2N0, Canada
(519) 664-3951

Question: What kind of diecut/embossing machine would you recommend?

March 16th, 2007

Question: I am pretty new to scrapbooking/card making.  I am looking for an embosser / die cut machine.  Which do you recommend? 

Answer:  If you are just looking for a good regular die cut machine (not a computer-based one), I would suggest Sizzix.  I suggest this one mostly because it is high quality and you can get die cuts for reasonable prices (and mix and match from other brands).   It also does embossing. You can get it for $69.99 (with free shipping) on our website from  Sizzix also has their new Bigkick that does all the same as the regular one, but can accept bigger die cuts as well.

Cricut is also another die cut machine that is computerized.  It is more expensive ($249.99), but it does a lot more than a regular diecut machine.  So if you have the funds, I would definitely invest in this one. I wrote an article on Cricut last year that will give you the lowdown on this product.


Get the Hottest Deals on Scrapbooking Supplies: Coupons & Codes for March

March 14th, 2007

Dear Scrapbooking Gals,

I know that everyone out there wants better and more scrapbooking supplies.  How can you make that fabulous page without the supplies that make those dreams happen?  But if you are like me, you don’t want to use all of your grocery money to feed your scrapbooking habit. has tried to put it all together for you.  We search multiple stores and allow you to find the cheapest supplies you can find all from one location, our website.  But sometimes that may not be enough, especially with the multitude of things you want out there. 

So I have a solution!  We want you to use our site even more to find the best deals and I am going to help you SAVE MONEY on scrapbooking supplies by finding any coupons or great shipping deals on all websites (like FREE, for example) and include them in our newsletter regularly, so that you can get the best deals possible.  That means that you can search for your best deal from our website and then at checkout time you can get even more savings from the retailer.  Not only that, but I will be personally searching through those same websites and finding the hottest deals on scrapbooking supplies and posting them to our website.  It will be part of the NEW “Top 5 Finds” at Scrapbook Finds.  Each week I will spend the time and you can save the money! 

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March 31, 2007
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March 17, 2007
$5 off $35 MAREDJ75
April 4, 2007
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March 31, 2007
10% off $69
March 31, 2007
Free Shipping w/ $60 Purchase
March 31, 2007


I hope one of these deals will help you get the supplies you need this month.  Happy scrapping!


Your Scrapbooking Guru,



P.S. Don’t forget - if you have questions about products or scrapbooking ideas, email me or check us out at

Where can I find 3-ring binder albums?

March 7th, 2007

Question: Hi, I am looking for 3 ring binder type albums in 8×8 and 12×12 can you help me or tell me where I can find them. Thank you very much!

Answer: We sell tons of 12×12 albums and 8×8 albums that are postbound, but I am assuming you don’t want a postbound album.  I personally use 3-ring 12×12 binders for my own scrapbooking (although I am considering going to postbound).  Unfortunately, it is harder to find 3-ring 12×12 albums currently.  I used to buy mine all at Roberts Craft (you may have one in your area). I now buy them online. Here are some of my favorites that I know for sure are 3-ring albums (sometimes vendors don’t specify if it is postbound or 3-ring):

This is the only one currently on our site:


I LOVE this one from Scrapworks:



I personally use these from Keeping Memories Alive:

10821.jpg   10820.jpg


As for 8×8 and other companies that sell 12×12, I found this great article online that gives you all the stores that sell these kind of albums:


How can I host a cardmaking or scrapbooking weekend?

March 7th, 2007

Question: I came across your website while doing a Google search for information.  Some friends and I are interested in hosting a weekend of scrapbooking/cardmaking, complete with food, cropping space, vender area and classes.  Do you have any advice on this?  Or, can you direct me to a person/website that might be able to help?  I’ve attended these type of events, so I have that as background.  Thanks! 

Answer:  That sounds exciting.  I have attended and helped to plan many of those.  I wrote an article a while back that gives some great tips on planning and what to include.  You can read it here.  That article also has websites of groups that meet in your area.  Some of them actually plan the whole thing and others just help out.  I would suggest deciding if you want to plan the whole thing yourself and put all the work into it or if you want to enjoy yourself more and let someone else do all the planning. 

If you are the one doing all the planning with some friends, maybe go through the list in my article and decide together how you want things to go.  Then put certain people in charge of certain aspects of your getaway.  I love the idea of having a vendor area and classes.  Have somone in charge of the vendor areas and someone else in charge of classes.  The person in charge of classes can do the research on getting someone to come teach or maybe each member of your group could be in charge of teaching one card class or something (this might help cut down on costs). 

I haven’t found really any good resources on planning your own retreat, but I found if you visit some of the websites I listed in the article, you can come up with some great ideas for your weekend.  Have fun! 

I want to buy some bedroom-themed stickers for a bedroom shower - where can I buy them?

March 1st, 2007

Question: Hi Robin,  just started scrapbooking while going through chemo and love it. My grown kids love all the albums I have made using pics from their childhood. I have a question? I want to incorporate what I have learned to make some shower invitations for my daughter.It is a bedroom shower and I need to find bedroom themed stickers to use in making the invites. Any suggestion as to where I can locate some? I am going crazy looking and the shower is in April.  Thanks so much


Answer: Since for a bedroom shower, you usually expect gifts to be bedroom decor and such (by the way, I found a cute bedroom themed party example here).  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find very many that have that theme exclusively, but  I would suggest some of these decor & girly stickers (just click on them for more info and to buy):

191674.jpg  193006.jpg  161441.jpg  191049.jpg


You may just want to make a cute invite that doesn’t really have any stickers, but fits the theme.  Maybe choose a cute color scheme and match the ribbon and paper. Good luck!


Where can I buy lightweight frames or chipboard frames?

March 1st, 2007

Question: Hi Robin ~ I am looking for a website to order some either chipboard or lightweight picture frames that I can use scrapbooking paper and then mod podge over.  My sister-in-law sent me one she purchased that someone else made.  I have been looking for a website to order some frames that I can decorate and embellish for gifts.  Can you help me?  Thank you

Answer: Joann’s sells a frame kit that you can purchase here that is 6.5 x 8.5. 





I also like the frames from Creative Imaginations called “Bare Elements“.  They are blank paperboard frames that are free standing.  They also have some with predrilled holes for ribbon:



If you don’t want to go to all the work of decorating it and just want some ideas, Joann also sells these already completed photo frames.  Here are a few examples:

117331.jpg 117340.jpg 117293.jpg 117344.jpg