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How can you machine sew on paper and keep your paper from crumpling?

June 29th, 2007

Question: Hi Robin,
when I machine sew cardstock with pattern paper it seems to crumple, it doesn’t lay straight, I love the zig zag look, but how can I sew it on smoothly?

Answer:  It could be the tension on your machine, so you might want to check that out.  Sometimes you have to loosen it for paper.  Either check with your manufacturer or see if your manual says anything about sewing things that are thicker like leather, jean, etc.  You might have to change your settings for paper.

Also, I sometimes like to lightly glue my patterned paper down first and then sew it. 

Another thought is that your machine is great for fabric, but not for paper (I have used a few friends’ machines and can’t get them to work on my paper - ).    You might  consider a mini sewing machine that is made for paper.  Some of these are as little as $4-$5.  Good luck.  Let me know if one of these ideas works for you.

How much should you charge to make custom scrapbook for friends?

June 29th, 2007

Question:  Dear Robin,    I have only been doing scrapbooing for almost two years and only on my spare time. Various friends of mine have asked me to make them scrapbooking albums for them with their pictures and have offered to pay me money for the job. I really am not sure how much to charge for each page because I really do not want to chage a very expensive cost nor charge to little and latter need more money to complete the costs. Can you please let me know the range of money that I should charge per page?    Any guidence of where to find more information about this topic will be greatly appreciated. Oh, your page is just so great keep up the good work.

Answer: Of course it would always depend on how elaborate you make the pages.  I would first take about 10 of your pages and average out the cost of making them (i.e. scrapbooking supplies, paper, adhesive, wear and tear on your cutting tools etc.).  Once you have this cost, I would then figure out the time you spend on each page and average that out.  For example, let’s say it cost you $20 to make 10 pages - that’s $2/page.  And let say it took 5 hours to make them all - 1/2 hour per page (if you do these in bulk it could cost less and take less time).  Once you see how much money and time you are putting into these pages, then you can estimate how much your time is worth.  If you charged $7 per page - $2 for supplies, you would make $5 per page.  At that cost you would make $10/hour (because it takes 1 hour to make 2 pages). 

Here are some companies that do charge for custom scrapbooking.  Keep in mind that these are professional comapanies and their prices reflect that.  But this might help you friends see that you would be giving them a deal to do it for them.


You might also want to check out this blog: .

What do I do if my pages won’t fit in my album?

June 19th, 2007

Question: Hi Robin, I am in a dilemma.  I made a scrapbook for my daughters graduation and have been making it for months. Now I have so many pages and they just won’t all fit in the album. Do you suggest I get a 3 ring binder and try it that way to fit all the pages or will the sheet protectors not line up with a binder?  I only have until Saturday to complete this project. I didn’t realize I had completed so many pages until starting to put it all together.
I would appreciate any advice from you.
Thank you,

Answer:  I actually use 3-ring albums for all of my scrapbooking pages (I just started using them and got hooked).  I love how all of them are the same size and color (I buy the 12×12 leather ones from Roberts and the linen ones here).  So a binder will work and the page protectors should line up fine. 

But if you have a postbound album, you might just consider getting some extension posts so that that pages can fit. 

The last option would be consider getting a matching album to the one you have and doing a “Part I” and “Part II” or using dates to distinguish the two albums. 

**As a note, most 2″ 3-ring albums will hold about 20-25 page protectors with 40-50 pages back to back.  Postbound albums usually come with 10 page protectors (so you can have 20 back to back pages.  Depending on the size of you extension posts, you can double or even triple that.  Just keep in mind that too many pages in the album makes the albums less durable and your pages are not as protected.  I don’t think I would ever do more than 25 page protectors per binder/album.  If you do digital scrapbooking or do not have any bulkiness to your pages, you can get away with several more pages per album.

How can I get leather embossing of a logo done?

June 19th, 2007

Question: Hi I am trying to put together a custom embossed leather presentation folder as soon as possible - for an 8 year charter so needs to be of the highest quality with a brand logo … IS is this a possibility? Please contact me when you can!


Answer:  We actually work with Jenni Bick ( who does personalized embossed albums and books.  They do embossed leather, but their silk-bound books are amazing too and they can be personalized with a logo or monogram (this would be the cheaper option).  To order a personalized embossed leather album or scrapbook, just find the one you want here and then specify that you would like embossing.  Here is some info from their website:


In order to work with your logo, we will need to have a metal die engraved with your artwork, like the ones shown below, which can then be used to stamp into any leather item. There is a $100 setup charge for having the die engraved, and a $2 per item charge to do the stamping with it.

Once the die is made, it can be used over and over again, so your pricing would obviously be better with a larger quantity of items–the $100 setup charge is a one-time cost.

We have a few other ways we can work with a logo if you are considering a non-leather item, or if you are looking for logo work done in color.

Contact our customer service department to discuss your needs. We are eager to accomodate your needs if we can. Just ask! We’re here to help you! Send us an email to or give us a call toll free at 800-640-8758″



I want to make my own chipboard cover - where do I get the thicker chipboard?

June 19th, 2007

Question: Hi Robin,

I’m a novice at this and I need all the advise and help I can get. I would like to make my own cover (actually the hold book from cover to cover) and I would like to know where I can find the thicker chipboard and the plastic covers for the papers. Thanks!

Answer:  Chipboard comes is different weights.  I usually use a medium weight chipboard for all my projects because it can be cut with scissors and leaves a clean edge.  Our site carries some in different sizes here.  I have used it for covers and it works well.  If you want a very thick chipboard, I would suggest a 50 pt. or more extra heavy chipboard.  You can find some from Create for Less in white, black, and the regular craft brown color.  Another option you might consider is getting a blank album (sometimes called a “naked” album) that is already bound or has the rings already attached.  I also like these binder albums that you can add your own flair to by either scrapbooking or using decoupage on the cover. 

As for the plastic covers (page protectors) you asked about, it would depend on the size you are making the album. I usually stick with the 12×12 size for my larger albums so you would need 12×12 page protectors or 8×8 for my smaller ones (8×8 page protectors).  Just make sure that the holes from your page protectors will match up with the album or cover you use.

Will rub-ons scratch off - like scratch tickets?

June 12th, 2007

Question: Hi, I saw your product, MB Buttons Silver ABC Rub-Ons.  I was wondering if they are like the Letra Set Letters?  They way they are applied.  And if they have the same texture. The reason I am asking is I am working for a tv production and we have to make scratch tickets.  I tried the letra set product and they scratch off like scratch tickets.  I was wondering if these letters would do the same.  And if so, are they the metallic silver?
Thanks for taking the time to read this e-mail.  I look forward to hearing from you. 


Answer:  Just about all rub-ons use the same material and should work the same way.  Usually rub-ons don’t just come off with a light scratch, but if you did it really hard (especially on a shiny surface - like metal, glass, glossy paper, etc) with your nail or a coin, it would come off.  And yes, the MB Buttons Silver Rub-ons are metallic silver.

Shopping Smart & Coupon Codes for June

June 5th, 2007

Dear Scrapbookers,

June is finally here!  Where did the past months go?  Now that it is beginning to get hot outside (for most of us), I have spent a lot of time outdoors.  Not only that, but I have spent a lot of time out shopping.  And you know what I have discovered, no matter where I go in town, I can usually get a better deal online - not to mention, saving money on gas!  I just recently ordered a new custom sofa online and saved hundreds of dollars (even with shipping costs). And I have finally gotten my stuff moved into my new scrapbooking office and wanted to get some new vertical storage.  And guess where I found the cheapest ones - online! (I chose the Cropper Hopper Vertical Paper Holders).

So I guess what I am getting at is that you can save a lot of time and money shopping online.  Especially if you already know the quality or brand of the thing you are ordering (then there are no surprises when you get your order).  If you want to be a great online shopper for scrapbooking supplies, here are a few tips to keeping you happy:

1.) Check out first (of course I had to put that plug in) because our store searches dozens of top scrapbooking stores and you can see where you will save the most.

2.) If we don’t have what you are looking for, make sure to check at least 3 scrapbooking supply sites before you place your order.

3.) Always, always, always check out shipping costs (and policies).  Maybe one site carries what you want cheaper, but you end up paying more in the end with shipping.  There are many websites out there that give free or discounted shipping if you spend a certain amount of money.  Check out our monthly coupons to see if the store you are buying from has one of those deals.

4.) Use coupons!  Just as I said above, you can save money when you shop online with a simple code. 

5.) If you can afford to, buy in bulk.  Do you use a ton of white 12×12 paper or a lot of adhesive?  Look for deals on buying more than one at a time.  You can save yourself over time.

6.) Always read the item’s description.  This is important to make sure you are getting what you think you are getting (sometimes the picture shows more than what you will receive).  One thing I always make sure to check is the size of everything I order.  There is a big difference between 8×8″ paper and 12×12″ paper.

7.) Be patient!  Unless you are in a hurry for a product, use the slower shipping methods - they are cheaper!!

8.) Only enter your credit card/debit card information on a secured page (it should say it is secured). 

9.) Always print off or save the receipt on your computer.  Just because they say they will send you an email confirmation doesn’t mean it will always happen. 

10.)  Have fun!  It can be fun to browse new products from the comfort of your own home (even in your PJ’s if you like).

Hot Deals of the Month: Coupons for June

Deal Company Code/Coupon When It Expires
10% off your entire order Code: jazzyten Unknown
Free shipping for any order over $100 Code: freeship100 Unknown
$5.00 off any order over $49.99 Code: jazz5jazz Unknown
$5.00 off any order over $50.00 Code: CC5599 Unknown
5% OFF any order of any size Code: NC596 Hurry. This coupon is still valid, but will expire soon.
Take 10% off orders of $69 or more Code: Y38N74G December 31, 2007
Free Bazzill Magnetic Photo Frame with any $25 purchase Code: BPP989 While supplies last
Free shipping on $60+ order Code: RT2XYF8 June 30, 2007
15% off $50+ Code: WC76033 June 30, 2007
50% off regular price of one item Code: JUNA750 June 30, 2007
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5% off on orders over $30 Code: fiveoff Unknown
additional 20% off anything in our sales collection Code: NSDSALE07 June 30, 2007
Save 40% on the regular price of any one item Code: JUNE07SKD18Z July 1, 2007
Free shipping with $25 purchase No code needed Unknown
Free shipping on U.S. orders over $75 No code needed Unknown
Free Shipping on all stickers (US only) No code needed Forever


Enjoy your summer shopping and make sure to send me any deals that you find while finding your scrapbooking supplies!

Your Scrapbooking Expert,


P.S. If you have questions about products or scrapbooking ideas, email me or check us out at

I can’t seem to find any 5×10″ chipboard books - any ideas?

June 5th, 2007

Question: I purchased a chipboard cover set and pages at a scrapbook convention.  It had 2 holes (which I put rings into)and was about 5 inches by 10 inches  I finally put together an album with it and just loved the size.  I have searched everywhere and cannot find that size.  I have looked at 7 gypsies & Rusty pickle thinking it was one of their products.  Any ideas?? 

Answer:  Here a few places I have found to carry chipboard-like covers with pages:

1.) Conrad Ring Book (5-5/8″x9¾”)  - We carry other sizes of ring books too.

2.) (they carry several sizes, but their 4×8″ might be similar to what you are looking for)

Another option is to make the book yourself.  You can buy chipboard sheets and then cut them to the size you want and then punch holes in them.  If you are using thicker chipboard (or you don’t want to cut them yourself), you can take the chipboard to a local print shop (mine is Kinkos) and they will drill holes and cut chipboard for you for a minimal cost (ours is $1 a cut and $1 each hole - but you can do a whole stack at the same time and still only spend the $2-3).

Do you have any stickers for a child being admitted to the hospital?

June 5th, 2007

Question: In the big world of stickers, are the any stickers related to a child having been admitted to the hospital?
Answer: We carry some with a medical theme or doctor theme that are very cute! 

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