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Newsletter: Chipboard is everywhere!

August 29th, 2007

Dear Scrapbookers,

The summer is over and now it is time to get back into scrapbooking (for those that took the summer off).  If you are like me and have been collecting new products all summer - even if you didn’t get a chance to scrapbook them - this is the newsletter for you.  We see it everywhere and everyone seems to be using it - it is all about CHIPBOARD.  So I want to give you some ideas for what you need to get started, cute ways to use it, and how to organize it!

First of all, let’s talk about getting some.  I have talked in the past about naked chipboard (i.e. the craft paper colored stuff that you find in sheets), but I want to concentrate on all that other stuff today.  You know, the cute, colored letters and shapes that we see all the time, but are not sure where to start.  So where do you start?  I would say the best place to start is to get some of the letter packs. Heidi Swapp is a great place to start.  She has anything from naked letters to every color under the rainbow.  I love her letters because they simple and very reasonable in price (you can get a whole alphabet set from under $3-4). 

After you have tried doing a word or two on your pages, you might want to branch out and get some chipboard brackets or punctuation to highlight a word or photo on your page.  Next you have to try using shapes or sayings that are made of chipboard.  I would suggest getting at least one “goodie box” of shapes, sayings, etc.  I love that they are all different and I can use one or two on a page and they last forever!  My new favorite good box is from “We R Memory Keepers” - the Urban Window Boho Chic is to die for!  

So now that you have collected all of these cute embellishments and used them on your pages, you need to find ways to store the rest of them.  There are really two main ways to do this.  Organize your letters and shapes by style/brand OR put all the same letters or shapes together.  I like keeping all my A’s together and B’s together and so forth.  That way if I just want to use a letter I can go to that place and see many different styles and colors of that letter and chose the one that goes best with my page. 

Here are some great ways to store yours:

1.  Use a hardware organizer from your local hardware store.  Then separate each of the drawers for your chipboard letters, shapes, quotes etc.


(From scrappingramma)

2.) Use wicker baskets and keep brands together in ziplock bags (you will want to pop the letters out if they come in sheets).

3.) Use filing folders in a file box.  Label each folder with either a letter, color, or brand and then keep those folders in a cute filing box, drawer, or expandable file folder (great for if you are a traveling scrapbooker).



4.) Use your photo storage boxes and separate your chipboard according to your use. Or try the Cropper Hopper divided storage system.  



5.) If you have drawers in your scrapbooking space, why not use separators within those drawers.  You could use utensil organizers or office supply organizers.  I also like some of the scrapbook drawer organizers like this one:



I hope some of these ideas have helped spark your interest in chipboard and how to keep it all organized!  Let me know of your great chipboard finds or storage solutions too.


Your Scrapbooking Expert,


Do they make recordable devices for scrapbooks?

August 29th, 2007

Question: Is there such a thing as a recordable device for use in scrapbooks? I would love to record a message from our answering machine from the adoption agency the day we learned about our new baby to include in his life book. I thought I had seen such a thing but when I phoned the store where I thought I may have seen it the clerk didn’t know where to find such a thing. Did I just dream it up?

Answer: Nope, you didn’t dream it up!  Most places call them sound recording modules.  Most of them hold around 10-15 seconds of sound.  They are usually about 3/16″ think so you can hide them in a little envelope or under a flap on your page.  We sell a few brands of them on our website.  One is called “The Memory Button” from Darice.  You can record 10 second of sound and it is acid free.  The other is from Imagination Project called “Scrapbook Alive” and records the same 10 seconds.  Both of them are priced around $6-$8.  Another one we carry is “Speaking Up” from Technologies to Remember and records up to 30 seconds.

What are the best adhesives to use?

August 29th, 2007

Question: Hi,

Could you tell me the best adhesive to use of these types



Answer:  I can understand why you would ask such a question.  Since there are literally thousands of options, I am going to tell you my favorites for each kind (i.e. the ones I actually use on a day-to-day basis.)

Dots:  Glue Dots has been the best brand for me.  Make sure you check whether you want flat ones or the pop up kind when you are purchasing them.  I use mini glue dots the most (they are perfect for buttons, charms, and die ciuts). 

Removable/Permanent:  This is a hard one because I usually use permanent everything because I lay everything out on my pages and cards and then stick them when I already know where they need to be.  But I do use tape runners that are both permanent and removable.  I like the brand Ad tech currently and use it for all my permanent stuff.  But I have used Scrapbook Adhesives tape runner in the past. Allary and Scotch are the only brands I have used for repositionable/removable runners.   

Liquid: Making Memories is my favorite here, mostly because they have several different kinds for ribbon, metal, and everything else.  I have their 3-pack of all of them.

 I hope this information helps!!


How can I emboss a logo on a scrapbook cover?

August 29th, 2007

Question: Hey Robin, I’m involved with an organization on the UC berkeley campus, and I am compiling a scrapbook for the year. Im interested in embossing our logo on a scrapbook cover in gold lettering. But I cant seem to find anyplace that does it? do you have any suggestions?

Thank you so much, I’m looking forward to your tips.

Answer:  If you are a do-it-yourselfer, I would suggest using an embossing or emgraving tool and doing it by hand (it would be super easy if you already had a stamp of your logo or could get one made).  You could just sprinkle some embossing powder after you make the stamp on the cover (while the stamp is still wet, of course).  Then use an embossing heat tool to heat the powder to give it the raised logo.  Use gold powder to get the effect you want. If you need a stamp made, just check out some of the companies online that make logo stamps like or .

If you are going for the more professional embossing, there are several companies out there that will emboss leather for you.  We actually sell items from Jenni Bick Bookbinding (  They do personalized logos, but the price can be high if you are only doing one item because they have to make a metal die engraved with your artwork ($100).  hey have a few other ways that they can work with your logo if you are considering a non-leather item, or if you are looking for logo work done in color.  Just email them at or call 800-640-8750.  Good luck!

What tool do you use with hot letter stamps and wood to help change quickly from one letter to the next?

August 29th, 2007

Question: Hi Robin, When working with hot letter stamps and wood, what tool would suggest using when changing from one letter to the next in a word when the current letter stamp is as such a hight temperature?  Waiting for your wood burning tool to cool doesn’t seem very efficient.  Thanks
Answer: I admit that I have never actually used hot letter stamping in scrapbooking.  Since I am not the expert, I am not sure I understand the question.  I have worked with hot waxes and stamps before and I have used a bowl of ice next to me to put in the stamps/monograms afterwards.  I am not sure if this helps . . . .

I love your Fontastic alphabet supplies. Do you ship to New Zealand?

August 14th, 2007
Question:  I love your Fontastic alphabet supplies. Do you ship to New Zealand?
Answer: The only product I found with Fontastic in the brandname is from (who does not ship internationally). If you are interested in other alphabet products that are just “supercool” or “fontastic” from other stores we search, just check out their shipping policies (or let me know the store and I can tell you if they ship to you!).
Your Scrapbooking Expert,

What paint do you use on naked chipboard?

August 14th, 2007

Question: Do you know what kind of paint to use on naked chipboard?  I would love to paint it but can’t find anyone that knows the answer.
Answer:  Any!  Although you will find most scrapbookers using craft/acrylic paints.  These are the paints that come in small bottles anywhere from .50 to a couple of dollars each (usually 2 oz plastic bottles).  I love the fact that most of them come in glossy or matte finishes so you can get the look you want.  I admit, though, that I have also used latex paint on them (to match the wall color in my son’s bedroom) for a craft project.  My favorites are Making Memories Acrylic paints because of the wide variety of colors and finishes.

How to you make pierced paper designs?

August 9th, 2007

Question:  I saw some beautifully made cards that used a pierced paper. Do you know if pierced paper is something you buy pre-made or if there is some kind of stamp to do it yourself. It was probably a 3 x 5 piece of paper that had a beautiful design in it. Thanks for any help.

Answer: There are many ways to do pierced paper designs. Most people usually find a design, print it on paper via a computer or use a stamp, place this over the cardstock or scrapbooking paper you want the holes to appear (so that you won’t see the printed design when you are finished), and then use a piercing tool to make holes in both papers.  I usually place these flat on a table with an old mouse pad, fun foam, or cutting mat underneath. After you remove the top paper, you have a perfectly pierced paper design.  **You can make your own piercing tool by inserting the eye end of a large needle into the eraser end of a pencil.

Another option that makes it easier for paper piercing is to use piercing templates.  These templates are usually made of metal and already have the holes in them.  You just place them on your paper and pierce through the holes.  Since they can be reused, it can be cost effective over time.

I do not currently know of any companies that do premade pierced paper, but if anyone knows of any, I will be more than happy to add them to this blog. 

How do you apply Cricut or diecut words that are thin or delicate - spray adhesive?

August 8th, 2007

Questions: This may sound elementary, but I can’t fine the answer anywhere.  When you produce all these delicate letters and words in open script and long chains, how do you stick it to the page, it wants to roll up, twist and these are so thin.  I thought of spray adhesive, but I don’t even see it as common on your adhesive list.
Thank you for you answer.  There are no suggestions in the Cricut
Manuals.  Once you get the finished cuts, you’re on your own to figure
out how to mount.
Answer:  Although I do not pretend to be a Cricut specialist (our local Roberts Craft actually has one in the store at all times), I would suggest using a spray adhesive or other kind of liquid adhesive (make sure the paper is thicker because liquids can bleed through - cardstock or thickers scrapbooking paper works well).  Especially when the letters are so thin that you can’t use a tape runner, double stick tape or something like that.  Another thing I like to use is from Glue Dots. They sell these thin little strips of adhesive called “glue lines” that aren’t as messy as the spray or liquid.  They are also perfect for adhering any other thin embellishment like ribbon.

Where can I buy foofala buttons (savannah)?

August 8th, 2007
Questions: I am in desperate need of the foofala buttons (savannah).  I keep checking the site and they have been out of stock for a while.  When do you expect a new shipment?
Answer: We do have some currently in stock listed on our website.  There are a few different colors for Foofala Savannah buttons. I hope one of these is what you are looking for:
Good Luck!