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Where to find a 12×12 flower or web template?

December 6th, 2007

Question: I am looking for a 12 x 12 template for a page that you can use to create a flower shape and another one that is a spiders web shape ?

Answer:  The only 12×12 flower template we have is the Doodle Flower from Crafter’s Workshop, but I think it is really cute!  I am not familiar with any spider web templates (on our website or any other).

Where can I buy monogram metal letters separately?

December 6th, 2007

Question: Hi Robin, I’m looking for metal embellishments that I want to use for a wedding favor attachment.  I just need the capital letter “B” which will be the letter of our last name.  I’d like squares the size of Scrabble tiles and need about 40 of them.  Any suggestions where I can order them?
Answer:  Pressed Petals sells letters separately and we have the letter B in silver on our website (though it is not square). Another option are these metal charms from  Also, many local scrapbooking stores sell letters separately.  You might want to check yours out.

Here are some homemade ways of getting the square letter look you want:

1.) Buy some metal sheets, cut them into squares, and use a stamping die setter like this one from Making Memories.  Basically, you hammer the letter shape you want into the metal and you have your own homemade letter tile. You can also write the letter using a metal embossing tool, pencil or stylus (print off the letter from your computer, trace over the paper and the metal (pressing hard), remove the paper, and you have your own custom monogram on metal.

2.) Cut squares out of chipboard, paint them silver (or gold) and then use a letter stamp with silver (or gold) embossing powder.  After using a heat tool to make the letter “raised” up, it will look like a metal tile.

What is the easiest circle and oval circle to use?

December 6th, 2007

Question: What is the easiest circle and oval circle to use? 

Answer: We have several circle cutters.  My favorite is the Circle Cutter from Fiskars.  It is the one with the large orange button on top that you press to hold the center of your circle in place.  Besides just a template/guide that you can use with a blade pen, the one from Fiskars is the easiest I have used.  I don’t personally have an oval cutter, but I would trust the one from Fiskars as well.

I am trying to find the girl and boy punches by McGill Creativity.

December 6th, 2007

Question: I am trying to find the girl and boy punches by McGill Creativity.  Do you have them?

Answer: I am not familiar with those punches and could not find them in all my searching.  We do have some girl punches and boy punches on our website.  I hope one of these is similar enough to what you need. 

Another option I have for you is to contact the manufacturer and see if they have any (their website does not list any at this time: , but sometimes campanies have some that are not on their websites):

McGill Inc.
131 East Prairie Street
Marengo, Illinois 60152

Phone: (815) 568-7244
Toll Free: (800) 982-9884 (Not available to international customers)
Fax: (815) 568-6860


Do you recommend the QuicKutz Silhouette Craft Cutter?

December 6th, 2007

Question: I’m considering purchasing a QuicKutz Silhouette Craft Cutter.  I would like to know what other scrappers using this machine think of it. Does it live up to its advertisements?

Answer: Although I do not personally own a QuicKutz Silhouette Craft Cutter (I would love it, though!), I have used it and have to say that is works very similar to some of the other “cutters” out there - including the Cricut.  The reason I would pick this one over the Cricut is that you don’t need to buy cartridges after your buy the product.  Since I use the computer all the time and have lots of great fonts on my computer (and any TTF font works), this machine would be ideal for me.  I have included some reviews below from people that actually own one to help you in your decision:


Which of your scrapbooking stores ship internationally?

December 6th, 2007

Question:  Robin - do you ship to Australia?  Regards

Answer: does not directly sell products to customers.  We are a scrapbooking mall - that is, we list all the products that scrapbooking stores sell so you can compare prices and then go to that store to purchase the product.

On our website, once you know the product you want, just click on “Click to see it at …” and we will redirect you to the store in which you actually order the product. Each store has specific restrictions on shipping.  On our website, our product listings include the following stores that I know ship to Australia (and worldwide): (only for over-the-phone orders 402-331-6800)







Where can I get 7×7 albums?

December 5th, 2007

Question: I am looking at the 7×7 albums! do you have any pictures of the inside of these albums? also how soon could they be shipped! i am looking for 5 of them? and i live in Scotland! thanks!
Answer:  We have several 7×7 albums listed from ebay.  I would try there first and verify that they ship to Scotland.  I would also check out our line from Creative Memories.  You can contact a Creative Memories consultant in Scotland by calling (01635) 294700 - I believe this is their headquarters in the UK. 

Scrapbooking masculine pages?

December 5th, 2007

Question: Robin, I might be a bit weird, but I am a guy who enjoys scrapbooking.  But I am stumped -  my son and I went on a men’s retreat with our church and I would like to scrapbook the pictures I took. I need some ideas on how to make a masculine looking pages.  Most of my scenes are from kid’s pictures. Thanks in advance.

Answer: My first answer would be to just scrapbook the pages using your style (not all women scrapbook pastel colors and flowers!).  But because I grew up with 7 brothers and have 2 sons (and one on the way), I understand your “male” dilemma.  I usually try to pick colors that go with the scenery and are somewhat masculine like blues, reds, blacks, greens.  I also try to keep things simple with my embellishments - wooden and metal embellishments are very masculine.  Just remember that a page can still be masculine, even if you use ribbon, buttons, or stitching.  You just have to choose the right colors and style.  Try these masculine papers and embellishments. Also, check out this great book on our website called ALL MEN Scrapbook Pages: Inventive Ideas for Masculine Layouts.

 Below you will find some great articles on scrapbooking masculine pages that have some useful picture you can use as a guide:

1.) Creating Masculine Scrapbook Pages by LeNae Gerig

2.) Masculine Pages by DIY Network

3.) Masculine Pages by Sara Naumann

4.) Man-powered Pages by Diana Hudson


How to include kaleidoscope pages in my scrapbooks?

December 5th, 2007

Question: I would like to include some kaleidoscope pages in my scrapbooks.
Answer: Check out this great article on on photo kaleidoscope pages.  If you are interested in Kaleidoscope paper and embellishments, check these out.