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Newsletter: Paper Storage Solutions

January 23rd, 2008

Dear Scrappers,

Since we have all acquired many scrapbooking supplies over the years, most of us wonder what to do with it all now that we have it.  Do you keep it in a tote so you can travel to scrap nights?  Or do you have the “perfect” scrapbooking room where you store everything?  Many scrapbooking enthusiasts have asked me in the past what is the best way for paper storage.  Since that is the one product I think everyone has, I am going to talk about 12×12 paper storage (those of you still doing the 8 ½ x 11” paper can use most of these storage solutions as well). 

Furniture and Cubes

Store in Style Cubes



Organizer Cubes from



Storage Cabinet for 12×12″ Scrapbooking Paper from\


Paper Station from



Bins & Boxes 

Karen Foster Snap and Scrap Paper Keeper 

    \96349.jpg  Paper Holder by Cropper Hopper  431664.gif 222948.jpg431637.gif   Memory Dock Vertical Paper File 377710.jpg377709.jpg  \

 Lisa & Becky Vertical Paper Hideaway by Advantus and Cart

1091150.gif496412.gif  Frosted Storage Boxes with Lids


\Scrappers Box


431738.gif431737.gif431736.gif \\\  



12×12 stacking trays from PaperAddict 

paper02.jpg \Display Dynamics Perfect Paper Stackable Paper Trays\


Display Dynamics 12×12 Trays for slat or pegboard\    

   psslatwallvertical.jpg \1154684.jpg


I hope that I have given you some food for thought as to how to store your paper.  Obviously, I haven’t addresses every idea for storage, but I think I have covered some of the main ways to get your paper organized. Please send me your pictures and ideas and I will add them to our blog!


Your Scrapbooking Expert,


P.S. If you have questions about products or scrapbooking ideas, email me or check us out at  













What is the difference in Hermafix Perm Tab Refills and Herma Vario Tab Refills?

January 22nd, 2008

Question: What is the difference in Hermafix Perm Tab Refills and Herma Vario Tab Refills???
Answer:  When I first saw your question, I thought the obvious answer was that one was permanent and the other wasn’t.  But the Herma website shows the Herma Vario Tab Refill as the one you use only with the “Vario” model dispenser and it is permanent as well.  The Hermafix Permanent Tab Refills are for the original Herma dispenser.

I need some help with baby shower invitations!!

January 22nd, 2008

Question: O.K. I was thinking of trying to make invitations for my cousins baby shower, but this is overwhelming!!  I received the cutest invite to a friends shower and I started trying to find out how I could do this.  (2 hours later….)  I am still as confused as when I started!  The invitation is a chocolate brown cirle with a light blue and cream striped circle on to and a third sheet of see-through paper on top.  All are precisely cut into graduated size circles (how??) and attached with a perfect monogram on the left side.  The monogram “S” is attached with a brad.  Is there a way I can do this and it will look professionally done?  Without consuming my days!
Thanks, and i love this website.  I so want to be able to do all of this stuff!

Answer: Sounds like a cute invite!  I would do the circles with a circle cutter. That is the best way to get the cut perfect and make grdauted sized circles - I like the one from Fiskars the best (you can do circles from 1″-8″ really easily). I am assuming the monogram was made out of paper or chipboard.  I would suggest getting a paper punch or using a die cutting machine for that (you can also print off a larger letter on your printer, cut it out, and make a template to cut out letters - but this will take some time).  You can also buy chipboard letters that are precut. My local scrapbooking store has die cuts that you can use for free if you buy their paper - try calling one of yours.  Then just punch a small hole through all 4 layers and attach it all together with a brad (don’t forget to make sure your layer with the writing on it is printed and then cut into a circle).


Let me know how it turns out (I would love to add your scan or photo to this answer when you are finished!).

Where can order longer posts for my scrapbooking albums?

January 17th, 2008

Question: My question deals with screw posts that come with scrapbooking albums. They are too short for the amount of pages I make. I heard that it’s better to use the longer posts rather than screw a bunch of small ones together, but I haven’t found those in awhile. The stores here just carry the small posts. Do you know which companies I can order the longer posts from?

Thanks for your time!

Answer:  I am not sure what posts you have now, but there are a ton of companies that sell longer ones on our website here: .   1.6″ - 2″ are about as big as they go, but you can just get the extra long entender posts (so you aren’t screwing a bunch together): .  Try to stick with the same company as your scrapbooks, otherwise I have found Pioneer and Making Memories to be reliable.

Where can I buy puffy or foam music stickers?

January 17th, 2008

Question: I am looking for puffy or foam music note or g clef stickers.

Answer:  Check out these music epoxy stickers from  The rest of our music stickers are here, but most of them are plain stickers or cardstock stickers and may not be “puffy” enough.

Looking for large monogram letter punch?

January 17th, 2008

Question: I am looking for a puncher of the letter B in a monagram / or script like font in about a 2inch to 3 inch size. To make the front page of a wedding invation. Any suggestions? Thank you. Barbara G.


Answer:  I am not familiar with any script font punches that come in that size.  I have 2 suggestions, though:

1.) Buy a letter stencil that is the right size and use a craft knife (the new swivel ones work really well for curves) and cutting mat to cut your own monogram.  MisterArt currently sells some here that go from 1.5″ - 6″ tall in a script font. 

2.) Use a die cutter (if you already have one, just find the right die cut and you are all set).  If you need to buy one, buy an inexpensive one like Sizzix or QuicKutz (the Revolution is really cool!).  QuicKutz currently has a die cut monogram “B” that might be perfect for you here.  Sizzix has a set (you can’t buy it separately from the other letters) that is called “Endless Love” (1 1/4″) that might work too.

What are the prices for paper and shipping costs?

January 17th, 2008

Question: I just wanted to know what the prices are for paper, I click on one that says 11 cents then when it opens it then says something different.  Also what is shipping for paper?
Answer: Sorry for the confusion.  Our website is like a scrapbooking mall.  We do research and search through products from all the best scrapbooking stores.  Then we list those products all together so that you can choose the best deal.  So, we do not actually sell the products ourselves.  Sometimes stores change their prices before we update (this happens rarely), which is why you might have gotten a different price once you clicked on the product.  Once you click on the words “Click to buy it at . . . ” you will be redirected to the store that carries that product.  That is where you can find out shipping information and verify the price.

Scrapbooking retreats in London, Ontario or Windsor, Ontario?

January 14th, 2008

Question: Just wondering about scrapbooking Retreats near London or windsor Ontario?? We have always gone to the Crop around the Clock one hosted in April in london but I can’t seem to get any info from them…Do you have any info for any others in this radius??

Answer:  Here are the only retreats I could find in Canada:

  1. Crop ’til You Can’t
  2. Younique Retreats - located 10 minutes north of Guelph Ontario
  3. Crop Across Canada - this site gives scrapbook events, conventions, retreats and special crops - all to be held in Ontario!
  4. Scrapping Away - all of these are in BC (British Columbia)
  5. - this is an expo, but classes are offered
  6. - weekend retreats and day crops in southern Ontario.

You may also want to check your local scrapbooking stores for retreats or getaways.  Or, you could try and plan your own (I attend a few a year hosted by friends and family).  Check out my article on putting together your own retreat here.  

**I did try to find out about the “Crop Around the Clock” in London, ON.  It doesn’t seem like they have had any events since April 2007.  You can try to email them at .

Basics of scrapbooking . . .

January 14th, 2008

Question: I have never scrapbooked before, but would like to start the hobby.  I have ordered some supplies on the internet to get me started, but I have millions of questions (what are rub-ons? design ideas? how to make holes? use eyelets? etc.).  Is there somewhere I can go to define these scrapbooking terms and give me answers to these “stupid” beginner questions?


Answer:  You have come to the right place! Along with the Ask Robin portion of our website (some of your questions will be answered here in my article, “Getting Back to the Basics“) and our search engine of scrapbooking supplies, I have compiled a list below of good places to go for beginners:

Scrapbooking Terms (lexicon):

Basics of Scrapbooking:

  1. Scrapbook Basics (Creating Keepsakes) - How to examples and more!
  2. Basic Scrapbooking 102: Supplies (ScrapJazz) 
  3. Scrapbooking 101: The Basics (DIY Network) - From supplies to design principles. 
  4. Scrap Friends: Beginner Techniques - How to set an eyelet, tear paper, doodle, colorblock, use chalk, etc.

Let me know if your questions aren’t answered here - and good luck with this new adventure!

Newsletter: Coupon Codes for January 2008

January 10th, 2008

Dear Scrapbookers,

The New Year is upon us and it is time to catch up on what we didn’t get done last year!  And if you are trying to save money (who isn’t?), but still want the latest looks, I have the solution for you.  I have compiled a list of coupon codes for January (and beyond) from the best scrapbooking stores out there.  Have fun shopping!

Deal Company Code/Coupon When It Expires
$5 off any $100 order! Code: jazz5jazz Ongoing
$5.00 off any order over $50.00 Code: CC5599 Ongoing
5% OFF any order of any size Code: NC596 Ongoing
Free shipping on $60+ order Code: RRRZC06 Jan 31, 2008
20% off $60+ Code: RETPY08B Ongoing
50% off regular price of one item Code: JANA850 Jan 31, 2008
40% off regular price of one item Code: DECEJ7403 Jan 15, 2008
Free shipping on $35 or more Code: JANFSA735 Feb 15, 2008
10% DISCOUNT ON $50 OR MORE Code: 12205 Unknown
10% off your total order Code: 12769 Unknown
Save 40% on the regular price of any one item Code: JAN866J82 Jan 31, 2008
Save an additional 10% on all clearance priced (30% or more) Code: JAN8945T24 Jan 31, 2008
1/2 price shipping on U.S. shipments. Expires January 20, 2008. Code: SBTHXCK January 20, 2008
10% off on purchases for first-time customers Code: popup Unknown
Spend $35 and receive a 10% discount, Spend $65 and receive a 15% discount, Spend $100 and receive a 20% discount, Spend $200 and receive a 30% discount No code needed Jan 31, 2008
49% off single item Code: FRUGSAVE49 (existing customers) FRUGGIVE49 (new customers) Jan 31, 2008
Free shipping with $25 purchase No code needed Ongoing
Free shipping on U.S. orders over $75 No code needed Ongoing
Free Shipping on all stickers (US only) No code needed Forever
Free shipping on orders $49 or more (S&S Worldwide) Code: W2356 12/31/2008
10% of entire order (S&S Worldwide) Code: E2583 Ongoing
20% of entire order (S&S Worldwide) Code: E2595 Ongoing
$10 off $100; $25 off $200; $50 off $750 + Free Shipping! (S&S Worldwide) Code: W2450 6/1/2008
Free shipping on U.S. orders over $75 No code needed Ongoing
Free shipping on all US orders $70 and over. No code needed Ongoing


Your Scrapbooking Expert,


P.S. If you have questions about products or scrapbooking ideas, email me or check us out at