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March Newsletter - Using Your Scraps

February 29th, 2008

Dear Scrapbookers:

So you just finished the most fabulous scrapbook layout and you put it in your scrapbook.  As you are cleaning up your workspace, you notice the pile of paper scraps from your latest creation.  Do you throw them away, file them with your paper, or add them to a pile of scraps you keep meaning to use?  Well, if you are like me, you probably keep most of the larger pieces (I can’t seem to part with something I paid for!).  But what happens next?  Do you ever use those scraps? 

Because I am a big organizer, I like to keep my scraps in clear envelopes with their color (i.e. pink scraps go with my 12×12 pink papers, etc).  This helps me more easily use my scraps while I am scrapbooking and prevents me from cutting up a perfectly good 12×12 paper to get a small mat for a photo.  I do also have a little bin of “odds and ends” scraps that are too small or multicolored/patterned.  What do I do with those scraps?  I actually use some of them to make homemade paper (that is a whole ‘nother article)! 

But what do I do with the rest of my scraps?  I am definitely a penny pincher when it comes to scrapbooking, so I wanted to help my fellow frugal friends in their paper scraps creativity. Thus, my 6 tips for paper scraps were born:

Tip #1: Create Your Own Embellishments - Use a die-cut machine, decorative punches, scissors or a craft knife to cut embellishments out of scrap cardstock or patterned paper. Collect papers with small prints-they work well for title letters or small die cuts. Add paper embellishments to the front of card or a layout. Take a look at how Vicky Randall uses small flower, leaf and circle punches to create a lovely garden on the front of her large Flower Card.


**My favorite embellishments to make with scraps are: flowers (try twisting and crinkling your scraps too), faux ribbon, circles/squares or other shapes (keep these in little compartments like you do for buttons), letters or numbers, etc.

Tip #2: Make Mini Cards and Tags - Vicky’s Mini Flower Card is less than 1″ x 1″. To make it, simply cut a 1″ x 2″ rectangle, fold in half and cut card into a three-quarters circle. Embellish using decorative punches, buttons, brads, charms or fibers-anything you have in your box of leftover bits. These mini cards work perfectly for short love notes or as decorative gift tags. Use slightly larger scraps to make tags like Vicky’s Flower Tag and Envelope.


Tip #3:  Have a Confetti Party - I know it sounds silly, but everyone can turn their scraps into confetti. And everyone I know loves a little confetti throwing on birthdays or New Year’s Eve.  It may not help you with your crafting or scrapbooking, but at least you can have fun with your scraps.  I like to make mine small by tearing or cutting.  Then I keep them in small ziplock bags for storage.  Keep them with your party supplies.

Tip #4: Make One-of-a-kind Layouts - You really can come up with a layout using very little money and supplies!  Just pick out 5-6 different scraps and put them together to make unique paper backgrounds or mats.  Check out this great one from Sweet Pea:


Tip #5: Try Paper Piercing Designs in Layouts - Using scraps to create paper piecing designs is a perfect thing to do with your scraps. I found these great layout designs on Two Peas in a Bucket (click on the picture for the designer’s info, larger pic, and instructions):

24385_thumb.jpg  24423-1.jpg  24346_thumb.jpg 

24345_thumb.jpg  24400_thumb.jpg  24374_thumb.jpg 

24317_thumb.jpg  24350_thumb.jpg  24325_thumb.jpg


Tip #6: Create Smaller Albums, Brag Books, or Tag Albums - You would be surprised at the perfect size your scraps are when making a 6×6 album!  Recipe albums make great gifts. Write or type your recipes on an index card or any colored paper and then cut to fit the album.


Have fun with your scraps and let me see some of your creations (and I will add them to our website!)  Also, don’t forget to browse or shop our website at


Your Scrapbooking Expert,




Do you have any page layout ideas for a teenage boy in basketball and football?

February 29th, 2008

Question:  Do you have any ideas for page layouts for a teenage boy in basketball and football?


Answer:  Try some of these page layout galleries online.

Where can I find alphabet and number stencils?

February 29th, 2008

Question: Hi Robin, I’m looking for an alphabet stencil “book” and a “number” stencil book - I believe each are put together at top with a plastic spiral type thing.  I use to have these two and did away with them and have regretted it ever since.  I’ve only seen them in one other scrapbook store and it’s gone out of business.  At the time, the books sold for like $9.95/99 each, the letters or numbers had like a 1/4″ or less strip between the sections of the letter - you placed it over your picture, traced and cut out to fit under the opening. Really cute for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. They were large numbers and upper case alphabet.  If you have any info as to where I might find such, I’d certainly appreciate it.  Thanks so much and have a “GREAT” day! 

Answer:  I am not familiar with the brand that sells the stencil you are looking for in “book” form.  We have a ton of alphabet stencils and number stencils. Let me know if you come across that one somewhere else — I searched all of the craft and scrapbooking stores I know.  Sorry I couln’t be of more help.

Younique Country Retreats - Ontario

February 26th, 2008

Question: Hi Robin:  I came across your site as my company popped up under your web page. I am the owner of Younique Country Retreats and I must say that we are the only one of this kind in Ontario.  We have experienced quite an overwhelming response to our weekends and we have had so many referrals for our first year in business.
We book up to 8 people each and every weekend throughout the year.
Please check out our website 

We just returned from California from the CHA trade show and the web page will be updated later this week but you can check out the many testimonials we have had.


How to scrapbook multiple photos on one page?

February 15th, 2008
Question: Hello… I have been making my mom a scrapbook for 7 years now with her 12 grandchildern and her own kids. My daughter takes hundereds of pictures of them all, but I don’t have the time to make a single page for all of them every year. I just have been running out of ideas what to do with all the pictures on a single page…? Could you give me any ideas?? Thanks a bunch.
Answer: I love using lots of photos on my pages!  Here are some of my ideas, along with ideas from others, on how to scrapbook multiple photos on one page:
1.) Use flip pockets for many photos, like this one.  These flip pockets adhere to your page protector from the outside, so that you can actually flip through the photos as you look through an album.  You could even adhere more than one to a page to show even more photos.
2.) Shrink your photos!  You don’t have to use the standard 4×6 photos.  Sometimes I like to take my photos and print them smaller.  You could put 2 or 3 photos on a 4×6 size and print them like this :
(I just left white space on the side of this 4×6 file and cut if off after it was printed.)
 christmas card 4x6web.jpg
(This is how I did my Christmas card picture this year to save $$ on printing costs - each person got a 4×3 photo, instead of a 4×6)

More info on acid-free labeling of photos . . .

February 15th, 2008

Question: In your article, Top Ten Ways to Preserve and Protect Your Photos, you wrote:

When labeling photos [snip…] And if you are like me (overly organized and neat), you can print onto acid-free labels and adhere them to the photo.

I’m have been scanning and cataloging (via IMatch) all our old photos.  I would like to print out small labels to place on the back of the original photos, identifying the filename. Are you still content with using acid-free labels, or do you have concerns that the adhesive or label affects the photo?  Can you tell me what brand you’re using?  Are they acid-free, or acidfree AND chlorine-free AND lignin-free????
Answer: Although I have used labels in the past ( and my mom still uses them), I actually do all of my photo printing now from a developer who actually prints the filename on the back of all my photos while developing.  Because of this, I have now learned to name my photos using the people, place, and date (i.e. “Jeff & Robin Mitchell 9/1/2007 Christmas in Lehi” etc.). does this and my local developer does this as well.

But if you do want to use labels (especially for those photos that have already been printed), I use the acid-free, archival safe labels from Avery (I can’t seem to find out if they are chlorine free, but if they state they are archival safe, I feel safe using them.).

Where to find acid-free labels?

February 15th, 2008

Question: Where do you find acid-free labels?
Answer: I use the acid-free, archival safe labels from Avery (I can’t seem to find out if they are chlorine free, but if they state they are archival safe, I feel safe using them.).  We do not list these on our website, but you can purchase them at your local office supply store or online at .

Where to buy mountain rock stickers?

February 15th, 2008

Question: Hi Robin, I’m looking for mountain rock stickers, and/or diecuts. I’m scrapbooking smokey mt. Any indeas or where I can find them. I have one sheet from that I have bought through a scrapbooking store-don’t remember which one. I checked the website and it is not available.

Answer: We do have a few mountain stickers on our website here.  I am not sure if it was a camping trip to Smokey Mountain, but we do have tons of camping papers, stickers, and die cuts.  I couldn’t find Smokey Mtn. stickers or die cuts anywhere.  You might just have to free hand some of your own mountains or check out some mountain page ideas from one of the online galleries:

Creating Keepsakes

A Cherry on Top

Where can I buy the Sizzix 5 Piece Doctor Set?

February 12th, 2008

Question: I am looking for the 5 piece Doctor Set Sizzix dies. Do you know where I can get them? I saw a set on ebay but they were going for a pretty high bid.


Answer: The only place that currently sells them is the ebay Sizzix Outlet.  And they only have one - which is why the bid is high. 

I am looking for sqaure tags - 5″x5″ . . .

February 12th, 2008

Question: I am looking for square tags, approx. 5 inch square.


Answer: We have “Really Big Square Tags” that go from 3″ square to 5″ square.  My favorites are from Bazzill.   These are all plain chipboard tags that you decorate yourself.  You may also want to check out using coasters instead (here’s where your can buy them).