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Cards for Heroes - making cards for our troops

April 1st, 2008

Question: I live in Rice Lake, WI. I am one of many people from Rice Lake and across the US that makes cards for our troops. In return our troops send them home to their loved ones in the States. We have a website if you would like to see all we have done. It gets expensive buying cardstock, stamps, embellishments, and anything else that makes a card special and personalized. Our group of card makers in Rice Lake were wondering if you would be able to donate any scrapbooking supplies to our non-profit organization? It would greatly be appreciated by many people.

Answer: We actually aren’t a store - just a “mall” for other merchants to list their products.  I will post your website on our site, though, for others that might be interested in your cause.

Card Making Ideas: A Close-up Look

April 5th, 2007

Check out these super cute cards that were part of a card exchange I went to last week:

DSC_0005web.jpg  DSC_0006web.jpg 

 Vintage Baby  (Scrapbooking Supplies: Safety Pins, Staples, Susy Ratto Brush Letters Stamp Set, Blue Grosgrain Ribbon, Vintage Baby Fabric (purchased at local fabric store), Pink & Black Square Ribbon, Blue Ribbon with White Stitch, Blue and Pink Sheer Ribbon,  Vintage Distress Ink)


Celebrate (Scrapbooking Supplies: Bazzill Vibrant Blue Cardstock, Bazzill Brown Cardstock, Patterned Paper, Great Substitute for Pattern, Hemp Cord, ‘Celebrate’ Stamp)



Many Thanks (Scrapbooking Supplies: Stitched Green Grosgrain Ribbon, Sheer Green RibbonFlower PunchWhite 5.5×4.25 Cards & Envelope, Silk Flower and Velvet Leaves, Pink Buttons, Flower Center Puffy Sticker, ‘Many Thanks’ Sticker)



 You Add Sunshine to My Life (Scrapbooking Supplies: Heart-shaped Brads, Sunshine Stamp, Patterned Paper, Light Butter Bazzill Cardstock, Peach Embroidery Floss)


 DSC_0009web.jpg   DSC_0007web.jpg   DSC_0008web.jpg

 Happy Birthday Ribbon (Scrapbooking Supplies: Happy Birthday Stamp, Birthday Hat Stamp, White Ink, Yellow Ribbon, Yellow Dot Ribbon, Blue Stripe Ribbon (Wal-mart carries this one), Hot Pink Staples, Bumblebee Eyelets, Blue Flower Patterned Paper, Brown/Tanner Bazzill Cardstock)



Thinking of You (Scrapbooking Supplies: Off White Lace, Pink Patterned Paper, Apple Green Bazzill Cardstock)



 Purple Thanks (Scrapbooking Supplies: Purple CardstockWhite Cardstock, Pink Slide)



Doublesided Note Holder (Scrapbooking Supplies: Doublesided Paper, Red BradLime Rick Rack, Black Sheer Ribbon - to make flower, Red Bazzill Cardstock)



Brown Ribbon Velcro Card (Scrapbooking Supplies: Doublesided Bohemia Paisley Paper, Brown Ribbon, Velcro (used to close card as it folds over), Brown Silk Ribbon, Sheer Blue Ribbon)



Sending Hugs Tag (Scrapbooking Supplies: Lime Eyelet, Sending Hugs Stamp, Fibers, Silver Stamp Ink, Patterned Paper)



Delight (Scrapbooking Supplies: Blue Steel Bazzill Cardstock, Green Tea Bazzill Cardstock, Green/Blue Striped Paper, Blue Circle Paper, Red Grosgrain Ribbon, Delight Rub-on Word,  


Hot Pink & Lime (Scrapbooking Supplies: Silk Flower, White Cardstock, Green Check Paper, Lime Rick Rack, Hot Pink Button, Pink Dot Ribbon, Pink Ribbon with Lime Stitching Pink Striped Ribbon - all ribbon purchased at Wal-mart, Safety Pin)



Baby (Scrapbooking Supplies: Purple Bazzill Cardstock, Black Ink, White Ink, Purple Flower Ribbon, Orange Flower Ribbon, Sheer Pink Ribbon, Velvet Light Purple Ribbon, Purple Flower Paper, Orange Flower Paper, White Tag)



Happy Birthday (Scrapbooking Supplies: Teal Bazzill Cardstock, Pink Flower Paper, Brown Grosgrain Ribbon)



Celebrate (Scrapbooking Supplies: Doublesided Paper, Celebrate Tag (My Minds Eye), Mesh Ribbon)



happy birthday (Scrapbooking Supplies: Swirl Stamp, Bag Stamp, ‘happy birthday’ Stamp (all stamps from Stamp it Up!) , Orange Grosgrain Ribbon, Striped Ribbon, Staple,  Blue Cardstock, Orange Cardstock, Red Cardstock)



I Love You (Scrapbooking Supplies: Black Cardstock, I Love You Paper, Love Stamp, Metallic Heart Sticker, Black Grosgrain Ribbon)



Blue Flower (Scrapbooking Supplies: Retro Flower Punch, Ocean Large Brad, Green Striped Ribbon, Dot Paper, Plaid Paper)

Where can I purchase 5×5 white “Die cuts with a View” cards?

November 8th, 2006

Question: Hello, Can you please tell me where I can purchase 5 X 5 white “Die cuts with a View” cards. Thank you.
Answer: I usually find these at local scrapbooking/craft stores (Michaels, Roberts, or other specialty store). You can go to to find a store near you.  I also do most of my blank card shopping at wedding invitation stores.  One in particular in my city is called Xpedex and it carries the window cards you are looking for in a box of 50.  I also found a few places online that sell the same card, but a different brand in a variety of colors (keep in mind that these stores have different sizes ranging from 4.5 to 6 inch squares):
Our site carries some that are 4 3/4 square:
Here is another one:

I hope that helps!

Are there any pre-cut pop-up pages available for sale?

October 11th, 2006

Question:  Hello! I have tried to cut the pop up page that Sandy Genovese has in her book, but I am not able to have a nice smooth finish on the edges. I have tried an assortment of cutting tools, to no avail. My question is; are there any pre cut pop up pages available for sale? The one in particular is the multi level for pictures/words that is glued inside another larger card.

Answer:  Sandy Genovese has many pop-up idea books out there, but I do understand your question.  The only time I get smooth edges cutting is when I use punches (check out these pop-up punches), die-cuts or a die-cutting machines (the new Cricut is pricey, but fabulous).  As for there being any precut popups for sale, here are a few I found (I am not sure if they are what you are looking for, but it’s a start)

Good Luck!



Ideas for Using Various Kinds of Paper For Scrapbooking and Card Making

October 4th, 2006

Scrapbooking Paper

There are many types of paper to use in your scrapbooking and craft projects including vellum, cardstock, labels, and transparencies. Here is a quick bit about understanding these types of paper and ideas of how to use them. When you are buying paper, remember to make sure it is acid and lignin free to protect your pictures against deterioration.

Vellum Scrapbooking Paper

Vellum paper is translucent, meaning light can pass through it, although things cannot be seen clearly through vellum paper.

Vellum paper is categorized by weight. The samller ther number, the light the weight of the paper, and subsequently, the more transparent, or see-through, the paper is. For example 17# is more transparent than 29#. There are many weights and colors of vellum to experiment with.

You can print on vellum using any laser printer. When using an inkjet printer change your settings to economy, draft, or speed depending on yout printer so the least amount of ink possible with be used. This will decrease your chances of smearing the ink. Let the ink dry completly before handling the vellum paper.

If you have only a small piece of vellum to print on, print your message on a regular piece of paper first. Then temporarily tape the vellum over the message on your test paper and run it through the printer again.

To mount your vellum paper to your scrapbooking page, lay your piece of vellum paper up-side-down of newspaper, and lightly spray photo mounting spray on the back. The vellum paper will them mount easily to your scrapbook. Other methods include using clear photo corners, and punching holes in the vellum and using a ribbon or eyelet to attach the vellum to your page.

For scrapbooking, vellum is great for printing titles, and adding embellishments. One simple idea is to stamp or paint a design on vellum paper that is trimmed with a thin metal frame. You can attach the vellum embellishment to the page with a ribbon. This is a good idea for pages where an anitque look is desired.

Vellum Invitations - Great for weddings or other formal events


  1. Print the information for the event on vellum paper. 
  2. Select a piece of heavy cardstock to back your vellum paper. 
  3. Cut the cardstock to be about half an inch bigger than your vellum paper in both directions. 
  4. Place the vellum on top of the card stock so there is a quarter of an inch of cardstock on each side as a border. 
  5. Punch two holes in the top of the vellum paper and cardstock that are about an inch or an inch and a half apart. And use a matching ribbon to tie the papers together.

Hint: To keep the ribbon from comming untied use a dab of clear-drying glue. 

Another option is to decorate the vellum and attach it over the printed invitation. The velum can be embossed or you can add a a dash of glitter to make it sparkle.

Embossing Your Paper - Embossing is a way to really enhance your pages. Vellum looks great embossed, but you can experiment on other types of paper as well. Here is how it is done. 

  1. Stamp or print onto your paper and sprinkle embossing powder on the design while it is still wet. 
  2. Shake of the excess powder from the paper. 
  3. Use you embossing heater or other heating tool to heat the embossing powder.


Carstock is usually thicker than normal paper, and therefore is good to use as a base for your scrapbooking pages especially if you like to add heavy embellishments. It is also good for matting pictures onto. I like to buy smaller pieces of cardtock to mat my pictures on. That way I don’t have to worry about cutting perfectly straight lines. There are many types of cardstock. Two popular types of cardstock are smooth card stock and linen card stock. Both are excellent choices for scrapbooking. Linen card stock is semi-rough and has the look of linen cloth. It is good for adding more texture to your scrapbook pages if you think they are too dull.

There are many grades of cardstock. Remember that the higher the count, the thicker the paper is.


Before I started scrapbooking I thought that labels were just for business uses like addressing letter and labeling files. I have come to find that they are actually an inexpensive way to make neat stickers. If you have a good printer, you can find pictures you like on the internet and print them onto your label paper. Then just peel them off or cut them into the desired shape and stick them onto your scrapbooking page. If you want to add dimension to your page, mount your sticker onto thick cardstock and use double-sided tape to attach it to your scrapbook.


A transparency is a clear piece of paper. It is competely see-through like glass. You can buy transparencies at office supply stores, and some craft stores. You have likely only seen transparencies used with overhead projectors. But here are some other ways to use them for scrapbooking. Use your imagination, the possibilities are endless.

Transparency Covers

  1. Stamp letters on a piece of paper. Cut them out, and glue them right side up onto a transparency. You can also use shapes of any kind instead of letters. 
  2. Paint over the transparency on the same side you glued the letters. You can paint using a splattering technique, streaks, or any other way you can think of. Acrylic paint works great. 
  3. Once the paint is dry, remove the letters for a cool effect. This technique is great for page titles. 
  4. Optional: Attach the transparency using spray adhesive.

Transparency Tile Accents

  1. Stamp an image on a transparency with solvent ink. 
  2. Trim the transparency around the image. You can also cut the image into equal size squares to create a mosaic look. 
  3. Completely cover the image with clear dimensional adhesive until it can’t hold any more. Let the adhesive dry for a few hours. 
  4. When the image is competely dry, apply clear-drying adhesive to the back and attach it to your page.

Transparency Accents

  1. Cut the desired shape of your accent out of a piece of transparency paper. 
  2. Cover the accent with crystl laquer until it can’t hold any more. 
  3. Cover the accent with crystl laquer until it can’t hold any more.
  4. When the crystal lacquer is dry, peel the transparency off of the back of the accent.


Lisa Robbins is a businesswoman and an enthusiast for sports, family, and crafts. She is the creator and maintainer of, a scrapbooking tutorial and wholesale scrapbooking supply website. She is also a contributor to, a search tool for scrapbooking products. 

In addition to these roles, Lisa is also one of the owners of, a team sports and fitness products store.

Four Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards to Make

September 4th, 2006

There is nothing as special or personal as a homemade Valentine’s Day card. Surprise your friends and family with your handmade creations. Here are some ideas to get you started. The link at the end of the article shows photographs of the finished cards.


Four blank greeting cards (available at craft stores), dark red piece of scrapbooking paper, white piece of cardstock, cream colored piece of cardstock, red and white gingham piece of scrapbooking paper, paper cutter, scissors, glue stick, computer, printer, sewing machine.

Card #1

For this card you will need a dark red piece of scrapbooking paper, a red and white gingham piece of scrapbooking paper (or other coordinating piece of paper), and a piece of white cardstock. Cut a piece of the dark red paper to fit the front of the greeting card and glue it in place. The dark red is the background of the card. Cut two strips of the gingham paper, approximately an inch and a half wide. Cut them to the width of the card (this card will open horizontally). Tear a freehand heart from the gingham paper, large enough to fill up approximately three quarters of the entire card. Next glue the strips of gingham paper to the front of the card with space in between them. The idea is that there is a “strip” of gingham, a strip of red, a strip of gingham, and then a strip of red. Use your sewing machine to stitch* along the edges of the strips of gingham paper, and then stitch around the edge of the card. Glue the heart in the middle of the card. Type “Happy Valentine’s Day” on your computer and print out on white cardstock. Cut out the phrase (narrow strip) and glue to the center of the heart.

* Stitching tips: If you have never used your sewing machine to make cards, it is easy! Just sew on the paper like you would on fabric. You might want to reserve a needle just for paper so you don’t dull the needle for your fabric projects. There are two ways you can include stitching in your card making projects. You can either stitch directly on the card, or you can stitch on a separate piece of paper and then glue that piece to the card (then the stitching won’t show through the card).

Card #2:

This Valentine’s Day card is quick and easy. Cut a piece of dark red paper to fit the front of your blank card and glue it in place. Type “Happy Valentine’s Day” on your computer and print it on the cream colored paper. Mat the cut-out phrase first on a dark red piece of paper, and then mat that piece on another piece of cream colored cardstock to create a layered look. This card will open horizontally, so turn it in that direction and glue the Valentine’s sentiment to the top third of the card. For the bottom portion of the card cut three small freehand hearts from the dark red paper. Glue these hearts to three torn scraps (in the shapes of squares) of cream colored paper. Space these pieces across the bottom of the card and glue in place. Stitch around the outside of the card and around the “Happy Valentine’s Day” if you wish, but it isn’t necessary.

Card #3:

This card is made from a dark red piece of paper and a cream colored piece of paper. Cut a piece of the dark red paper to fit the front of your blank card and glue it in place. Cut a large square from the cream colored paper and glue it just above the center of the card. Glue the piece of paper in place. Tear a large heart from the dark red paper and glue it in the center of the cream colored square. Type “Happy Valentine’s Day” on your computer. Print on cream colored paper and glue in the center of the heart. Stitch around the cream colored square and the edge of the card, if you wish.

Card #4:

This card is made from a dark red piece of paper, the gingham paper, and white card stock. This card will open horizontally. Cut a piece of the dark red paper to fit the front of your pre-made card and glue it in place. Cut two strips of gingham paper and glue them to the top and bottom of the card so that there is a red strip in between. Cut three freehand hearts from the gingham paper and space them out in the red portion of the card. Glue them in place. Type “Happy Valentine’s Day” on your computer and print on white paper. Cut out into a narrow strip (narrower than hearts) and glue in the center of the card on top of the hearts.

Notes: - The terms “card stock” and “paper” are used interchangably here, but it is up to you which kind of paper you use, depending on the look you are trying to achieve - A sewing machine isn’t necessary for this project, it is just a nice added touch - You don’t have to use your computer for this project, you can handwrite the words if you wish.

Rachel Paxton is a freelance writer and mom of four. For scrapbooking, card making, gift-giving ideas, and more family memory-making activities, visit

Christmas Card Ideas

August 15th, 2006

I’ll admit that I am one of those annoying people who think about Christmas cards in August.  Yep, we have already done our family photo to join with the card.  And I have been searching non-stop through magazines and on the internet for some cute ideas for the card.  I love Christmas cards to be a greeting and family newsletter all in one.  I think it is best to include more than just a signed name at the end of the greeting.  Everyone likes an update, so I usually type up an update on all the family members and include it within the card by either attaching it with adhesive or making it a tag or pull out.


This year I have decided to go with something simple and cost effective.  I have uploaded some ideas and will continue to add more.  If you have any great ones you have done in past years or have found a fabulous one for this year, email me at and I will add your idea too!

SNU_MST_BLO_CBA_SS_LYO_ChristmasTrees_LO_300.jpg   1651Celebrate_Christmas_card.jpg  71ChristmasCard3.jpg  188Card_Merry_Christmas_Frills_Tree.jpg   10svchristmascard2-med.jpg   5trimthetreecard1.jpg