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What does the Making Memories Tote look like inside?

May 16th, 2007

Question: I am looking into buying the making memories tote bag.. I can’t find anywhere that sells it, that shows how it looks in the inside when you open it.. pockets and all.. i want a bag big enough for paper, stickers and my trimmer.. and some small stuff like my tape runner etc.. thanks, vicki
Answer: I can’t seem to find any photos of the bag’s interior.  I don’t own it, but I have seen it in stores.  It is lined with a polka dot fabric with several adjustable zipper pockets and compartments - I have the XXL Crop in Style and I remember it being very similar inside. The outside pockets are great for adhesives, small stamps, and embellishments.  The interior fits 12×12 paper in a special plastic box that comes with it.  I would suggest checking it out at a local store and then getting the best deal online.


Question: What kind of diecut/embossing machine would you recommend?

March 16th, 2007

Question: I am pretty new to scrapbooking/card making.  I am looking for an embosser / die cut machine.  Which do you recommend? 

Answer:  If you are just looking for a good regular die cut machine (not a computer-based one), I would suggest Sizzix.  I suggest this one mostly because it is high quality and you can get die cuts for reasonable prices (and mix and match from other brands).   It also does embossing. You can get it for $69.99 (with free shipping) on our website from  Sizzix also has their new Bigkick that does all the same as the regular one, but can accept bigger die cuts as well.

Cricut is also another die cut machine that is computerized.  It is more expensive ($249.99), but it does a lot more than a regular diecut machine.  So if you have the funds, I would definitely invest in this one. I wrote an article on Cricut last year that will give you the lowdown on this product.


What are my options for scrapbooking bags or totes?

October 16th, 2006


I need a scrapbook bag that I can carry items with me to scrapbook workshops.  It would need to hold 12×12 albums, stickers, paper, scissors, embellishments, and some tools.  I would like it easy to carry, but not too heavy - I don’t have too much strength in my arms and shoulders.  Are there any good ones out there?


Obviously, there are a tons of bags or totes for your scrapbooking needs.  You can find many of them on our webite here.  But these are my favorites:

All My Memories Tote-ally Cool Shoulder Tote Bag


This one is great if you are carrying 12×12 albums with you.  And there are several little pockets to keep other supplies.

Art Bin Super Satchel Series Tote


My favorite part about this one is that there are many more pockets that you can fit your stamps or tools in.  I also like the plastic boxes that come with them for embellishments.  12×12 albums fit nicely into this one.

Making Memories Runway Tote TM

98765.jpg  49529.jpg  138822.jpg49531-thumbnail.jpg

I admit this one is my favorite because it is very stylish and it comes with a 12 x 12 box to store paper or finished layouts until I put them in my album.  It is made of faux leather and available in green, lavendar, pink, and black.

Crop-in Style Tote


These ones are the largest and can become quite heavy, but they have wheels to pull them around easily.  I personally own and use this one for scrapbooking retreat weekends.  But I would recommend the smaller ones I listed above for workshops or shorter crops.

Cricut - worth the money?

August 9th, 2006

Whenever a new thing comes out that seems to make life easier for the avid scrapbooker, I always have to try it out.  So when Provo Craft came out with the Cricut machine, I had to check it out.  $250 - $300 seems like a lot to pay for any tool, but here’s what this baby can do: 

It’s cartridge-based system allows you to cut thousands of beautiful shapes, letters, and phrases in a variety of styles with just the touch of a button. Cricut font and shape cartridges put hundreds of the freshest shapes, letters and phrases created by leading scrapbook designers at your fingertips.

Intricate designs and multi-layered shapes in sizes from 1 inch to 5.5 inches are only a press of a button away–giving you the freedom to easily create the fabulous layouts you’ve always imagined. No other cutting system gives you more ways to express your personality and creativity.

Here’s the Pros:

1) It’s portable. You can take it wherever you want (especially to crop nights!). No need for a computer. 
2) It is lightweight. I picked it up and it was not heavy at all….lighter than a Sizzix machine.
3) It cut about 10 different sizes from 1″ to 5.5″. It does font and shapes.
4) It cuts 6×12 paper. BUT, I LOVED THIS….you can use a scrap of paper also. If I have a little 2×2 scrap of patterned paper I need a tag out of, I put it in the machine and position the blade exactly where I want the cut to be. There is very little WASTING paper. I love, love, love this feature! 
5) THERE IS A USB PORT! The girl at Provo Craft told me that the USB port is there for future technology that is being developed for the machine. She said she believes that someday it will be able to do what the Wishblade will do in creating TTY fonts. YIPEE!!!
6) THe keypad on top is extremely user friendly.

So what are the drawbacks?

1.) It’s expensive.

2.) You have to buy more cartridges to get other fonts shapes and they cost $80-90.

3.) You have to replace the cutting mats after 35-50 cuts and they cost about $10 for 2 mats. 

4.) It won’t cut chipboard. Only cuts up to .5 mm.

If it wasn’t for the expense of the machine, I would recommend getting this today.  In fact, if it would work with computers and TTY fonts, I would say all scrappers should own one.  So if you are really in the market for a diecut machine, this one is probably the best one out there.  But if you just like cool new toys like me, maybe wait for version 2.0.


July 19th, 2006

I am so excited about this new product from We R Memory Keepers called the Crop-A-Dile.   This all-in-one tool punches and sets eyelets, snaps and so much more! It works through any paper, leather, plastic, metal, chipboard, acrylic, fabric, wood, poly and much more!  I would give this product a 9 on a 1-10 scale.  The only drawback is that it can only set something as far in as an inch or two. 

 My favorite part about the Crop-A-Dile is that it can punch through metal. I love the product idea from We R Memory Keepers - - try it out!  I am making some metal cans for my kitchen using this scrapbooking tool. 

 Search for the best buy on this product by searching for ‘Crop-a-dile’ on the website.