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Is there a chipboard book in the word \”GRADUATION\”?

April 2nd, 2008

Question: BoBunny makes chipboard books in \”Love, Baby, Party, etc\”– with graduation right around the corner, I was wondering if there was a company that makes a chipboard book in the word \”Graduation\”.  If there is not a company that has one for sell, how would I go about making one.  I am sure it would sell like hot cakes!


Answer: No company sells one that I could find - Bo Bunny does make “GRADE” - the closest I could find (you could remove the “E” and do “GRAD”). Here are the ones that Bo Bunny does do and ideas for decorating them from their website

Making one, though would be a fun project (also see below for pictures and some easier ways to make one):

1. Get some plain chipboard.

2. Using stencils in the right size of the letters or printing the letters from your computer (and making your own stencil), get the letters of GRADUATION. Keep in mind that graduation is a longer word, so you might have to make the book a little larger.

3.  Lay the stencil on the chipboard, tracing only the right side.  Make sure you leave about 3-4 inches from the right side of the G so you can punch holes.  I would also make sure you trace at least 1/2 of the letter, like this:

Letter G.jpg

4. Continue with each letter on a separate piece of chipboard.  Each letter should have more space on the left side as you get closer to the last “N”. 

5. Punch 2-3 holes in each letter making sure to line them up.  Then use ribbon, rings, etc to attach the pages together.

6.  Now you can decorate them (I remove the rings while decorating to make it easier).

Check out this example of one made out of the word “Family”. And another made out of “Friend” and “Believe“:

Friends-Book_by_sreilly106.jpg   BelieveAlbum_by_AddictedScrapper.jpg

An easier way to do it:


March Newsletter - Using Your Scraps

February 29th, 2008

Dear Scrapbookers:

So you just finished the most fabulous scrapbook layout and you put it in your scrapbook.  As you are cleaning up your workspace, you notice the pile of paper scraps from your latest creation.  Do you throw them away, file them with your paper, or add them to a pile of scraps you keep meaning to use?  Well, if you are like me, you probably keep most of the larger pieces (I can’t seem to part with something I paid for!).  But what happens next?  Do you ever use those scraps? 

Because I am a big organizer, I like to keep my scraps in clear envelopes with their color (i.e. pink scraps go with my 12×12 pink papers, etc).  This helps me more easily use my scraps while I am scrapbooking and prevents me from cutting up a perfectly good 12×12 paper to get a small mat for a photo.  I do also have a little bin of “odds and ends” scraps that are too small or multicolored/patterned.  What do I do with those scraps?  I actually use some of them to make homemade paper (that is a whole ‘nother article)! 

But what do I do with the rest of my scraps?  I am definitely a penny pincher when it comes to scrapbooking, so I wanted to help my fellow frugal friends in their paper scraps creativity. Thus, my 6 tips for paper scraps were born:

Tip #1: Create Your Own Embellishments - Use a die-cut machine, decorative punches, scissors or a craft knife to cut embellishments out of scrap cardstock or patterned paper. Collect papers with small prints-they work well for title letters or small die cuts. Add paper embellishments to the front of card or a layout. Take a look at how Vicky Randall uses small flower, leaf and circle punches to create a lovely garden on the front of her large Flower Card.


**My favorite embellishments to make with scraps are: flowers (try twisting and crinkling your scraps too), faux ribbon, circles/squares or other shapes (keep these in little compartments like you do for buttons), letters or numbers, etc.

Tip #2: Make Mini Cards and Tags - Vicky’s Mini Flower Card is less than 1″ x 1″. To make it, simply cut a 1″ x 2″ rectangle, fold in half and cut card into a three-quarters circle. Embellish using decorative punches, buttons, brads, charms or fibers-anything you have in your box of leftover bits. These mini cards work perfectly for short love notes or as decorative gift tags. Use slightly larger scraps to make tags like Vicky’s Flower Tag and Envelope.


Tip #3:  Have a Confetti Party - I know it sounds silly, but everyone can turn their scraps into confetti. And everyone I know loves a little confetti throwing on birthdays or New Year’s Eve.  It may not help you with your crafting or scrapbooking, but at least you can have fun with your scraps.  I like to make mine small by tearing or cutting.  Then I keep them in small ziplock bags for storage.  Keep them with your party supplies.

Tip #4: Make One-of-a-kind Layouts - You really can come up with a layout using very little money and supplies!  Just pick out 5-6 different scraps and put them together to make unique paper backgrounds or mats.  Check out this great one from Sweet Pea:


Tip #5: Try Paper Piercing Designs in Layouts - Using scraps to create paper piecing designs is a perfect thing to do with your scraps. I found these great layout designs on Two Peas in a Bucket (click on the picture for the designer’s info, larger pic, and instructions):

24385_thumb.jpg  24423-1.jpg  24346_thumb.jpg 

24345_thumb.jpg  24400_thumb.jpg  24374_thumb.jpg 

24317_thumb.jpg  24350_thumb.jpg  24325_thumb.jpg


Tip #6: Create Smaller Albums, Brag Books, or Tag Albums - You would be surprised at the perfect size your scraps are when making a 6×6 album!  Recipe albums make great gifts. Write or type your recipes on an index card or any colored paper and then cut to fit the album.


Have fun with your scraps and let me see some of your creations (and I will add them to our website!)  Also, don’t forget to browse or shop our website at


Your Scrapbooking Expert,




How do you use the Silent Setter?

February 7th, 2008

Question: How do you use the Silent Setter to set eyelets?  Are all eyelets suppose to have backs?
I love your web site.

Answer: There is a great tutorial for the Silent Setter here with pictures on how to use it and what it should look like when finished.  Eyelets are shaped so that when you “set them” the metal “bends” to make a back - so it isn’t a separate piece of metal.

Basics of scrapbooking . . .

January 14th, 2008

Question: I have never scrapbooked before, but would like to start the hobby.  I have ordered some supplies on the internet to get me started, but I have millions of questions (what are rub-ons? design ideas? how to make holes? use eyelets? etc.).  Is there somewhere I can go to define these scrapbooking terms and give me answers to these “stupid” beginner questions?


Answer:  You have come to the right place! Along with the Ask Robin portion of our website (some of your questions will be answered here in my article, “Getting Back to the Basics“) and our search engine of scrapbooking supplies, I have compiled a list below of good places to go for beginners:

Scrapbooking Terms (lexicon):

Basics of Scrapbooking:

  1. Scrapbook Basics (Creating Keepsakes) - How to examples and more!
  2. Basic Scrapbooking 102: Supplies (ScrapJazz) 
  3. Scrapbooking 101: The Basics (DIY Network) - From supplies to design principles. 
  4. Scrap Friends: Beginner Techniques - How to set an eyelet, tear paper, doodle, colorblock, use chalk, etc.

Let me know if your questions aren’t answered here - and good luck with this new adventure!

How to turn photos into text?

January 9th, 2008

Question: Aloha Robin,  I want to make a postcard that has the word FUN written, real big, almost edge to edge big, with a collage of pictures inside the letters. How do I do that?

Answer:  There are two ways to do it - traditionally and digitally.  I will address both ways below:

1.) The easiest way to make your letters would be to use letter stencils the height of the postcard (Postcard size is 3.5-4.25″ in height and must be 5-6 inches in width).  I would lay the stencil on top of the photos you have already put in a collage and then cut out the letters and adhere them to the postcard. 

**If you do not have letter stencils, just make your own either by drawing them freehand or printing letters (probably a bubble or thicker font) off you computer onto cardstock and cutting them out to use as a stencil.

2.) Another option would be to use a blank postcard and use knife or cutting blade to make your letters on the post card.  Then you could just lay the postcard on top of the collage you have already made and adhere it with glue.

3.) If you want to do this digitally (makes it perfect for mailing), there is a great tutorial online for photoshop here.  If you don’t have Photoshop, just do a general internet search on the internet using the terms “turning a picture into text” and then type next to it whatever image editting program you have on your computer.

I actually tried it with a few pictures of my son to make sure it works (I didn’t spend too much time on it, but you can see how it might turn out):

christmas card henry elijah 4x6 - fun.jpg

How do you add writing styles or fonts to your computer?

October 29th, 2007

Question: i was just wondering how you get new styles of writing for you to use if the computer hasn’t already got that style stored on it? if you know what I mean? 

Answer:  I am assuming that you mean a font style (these are the different writing styles you see in a program like Microsoft Word or WordPerfect).  These styles are usually saved as .ttf files on you computer (meaning “true type font”).  There is a file on your computer that stores these files (mine is stored in a folder called “Fonts”).  Every computer is a little different when it comes to downloading fonts. 

I have included a link below on how to add fonts to your computer:

Adding fonts to Microsoft programs:

Once you know how to download fonts, you can purchase or find free ones on the internet.  If you are looking from free fonts, just do a general search for “free fonts” on the internet and you might find what you are looking for.  We sell several fonts that are more specialized and perfect for scrapbooking here. These fonts are fun and almost always under $1 each.



How do you apply eyelets and what tools do I need?

October 5th, 2007

Question:  What do we need for the eyelets front and back and tools to put them together by?  What size is the center circle?

Answer:  Eyelets are very easy to apply if you have a eyelet hole punch, hammer, and eyelet setter. A mat is also helpful.  You can get these in a kit.  I actually have the Making Memories Tool Kit to make it easy for me.  You might also consider the Silent Setter kit because you don’t have to pound with a hammer (but it does require some strength to push). 

The sizes of eyelet vary, but most kits come with the 3 main sizes: 3/16″,  1/8″ (standard eyelet size), and 1/16″.

To set the eyelet:

1.  Place the item you wish to apply an eyelet to on the cutting mat provided in the tool kit (you can also use something like a cutting board, but the mat works the best).

2. Insert the size hole tip that matches your eyelet size into the tool.

3. Hammer or press the tip of the tool onto the paper/cardstock.

4. Insert the actual eyelet into the hole and flip the paper over with the eyelet in it over the mat.

5. Insert the eyelet setting tip that matches the size of the eyelet into the tool. Use your hammer or firm pressure to set it in place.

Check out this tutorial online for pictures on how to actually set an eyelet.  You will be surprised at how easy it is!

Do you sell angel & fountain garden themed papers suitable for a memorial album?

July 26th, 2007

Question: Hi Robin, I was just wondering if you ever get any garden themed papers of angels and fountains that would be suitable for putting together a memorial album?  Last year I lost two babies to miscarriage and I am trying to find a suitable album along with papers to put together this project.  I would appreciate any feedback from anyone who has either done one of these or who knows where to purchase these appropiate supplies.  Thanks,

Answer:  I have actually seen paper like that before, but I am unable to find any the is currently in stock.  We have several angel charms and embellishments .  I have found some ideas for layouts that might work for you:


100_47040_1.jpg    100_47060_1.jpg   P1060161_1.jpg

Titles: Heaven Sent & I carry your heart with me …

Designer: My2blessings

Taken From:



Title: The day my world changed

Designer: ChristianeK

Taken From:


Title: Remember

Designer: Rodeeogrl

Taken From:

How do I attach vellum to colored paper?

May 16th, 2007

Question: Dear Robin,

I am new to scrapbooking. I am creating a picture collage on mortar board for my son’s graduation party. I picked up some quotes that are printed in black on clear vellum paper. My board is black. How do I adhere vellum paper to a colored paper so that the quotes stand out on the black mortar board?

I am desperate to complete this project within the week. Please, can you help?

Answer:  There are several ways to attach vellum to paper. 

1. You can use vellum adhesive sheets if the quote is smaller than 5 1/2″ x 9″.  These are great because it goes from edge to edge without showing through - like peel and stick, no cutting and no mess.  Try to find the brand Wackytac at your local scrapbooking/craft store.

2. Vellum glue dots or vellum adhesive runners also work well, but they won’t adhere the quote from edge to edge.  I personally use these for my scrapbooking projects.  Make sure to buy ones specifically designed for vellum - they tend to hide better.

3. Stick glue can also work well as long as it is clear.

4. Another option is to not use glue at all.  Try using a tack, brad, eyelet, or even a nail if you wanted to just hook the colored paper and vellum directly to the board.  You could also sew the vellum to the paper and then use a spray adhesive to attach that to the board.

Card Making Ideas: A Close-up Look

April 5th, 2007

Check out these super cute cards that were part of a card exchange I went to last week:

DSC_0005web.jpg  DSC_0006web.jpg 

 Vintage Baby  (Scrapbooking Supplies: Safety Pins, Staples, Susy Ratto Brush Letters Stamp Set, Blue Grosgrain Ribbon, Vintage Baby Fabric (purchased at local fabric store), Pink & Black Square Ribbon, Blue Ribbon with White Stitch, Blue and Pink Sheer Ribbon,  Vintage Distress Ink)


Celebrate (Scrapbooking Supplies: Bazzill Vibrant Blue Cardstock, Bazzill Brown Cardstock, Patterned Paper, Great Substitute for Pattern, Hemp Cord, ‘Celebrate’ Stamp)



Many Thanks (Scrapbooking Supplies: Stitched Green Grosgrain Ribbon, Sheer Green RibbonFlower PunchWhite 5.5×4.25 Cards & Envelope, Silk Flower and Velvet Leaves, Pink Buttons, Flower Center Puffy Sticker, ‘Many Thanks’ Sticker)



 You Add Sunshine to My Life (Scrapbooking Supplies: Heart-shaped Brads, Sunshine Stamp, Patterned Paper, Light Butter Bazzill Cardstock, Peach Embroidery Floss)


 DSC_0009web.jpg   DSC_0007web.jpg   DSC_0008web.jpg

 Happy Birthday Ribbon (Scrapbooking Supplies: Happy Birthday Stamp, Birthday Hat Stamp, White Ink, Yellow Ribbon, Yellow Dot Ribbon, Blue Stripe Ribbon (Wal-mart carries this one), Hot Pink Staples, Bumblebee Eyelets, Blue Flower Patterned Paper, Brown/Tanner Bazzill Cardstock)



Thinking of You (Scrapbooking Supplies: Off White Lace, Pink Patterned Paper, Apple Green Bazzill Cardstock)



 Purple Thanks (Scrapbooking Supplies: Purple CardstockWhite Cardstock, Pink Slide)



Doublesided Note Holder (Scrapbooking Supplies: Doublesided Paper, Red BradLime Rick Rack, Black Sheer Ribbon - to make flower, Red Bazzill Cardstock)



Brown Ribbon Velcro Card (Scrapbooking Supplies: Doublesided Bohemia Paisley Paper, Brown Ribbon, Velcro (used to close card as it folds over), Brown Silk Ribbon, Sheer Blue Ribbon)



Sending Hugs Tag (Scrapbooking Supplies: Lime Eyelet, Sending Hugs Stamp, Fibers, Silver Stamp Ink, Patterned Paper)



Delight (Scrapbooking Supplies: Blue Steel Bazzill Cardstock, Green Tea Bazzill Cardstock, Green/Blue Striped Paper, Blue Circle Paper, Red Grosgrain Ribbon, Delight Rub-on Word,  


Hot Pink & Lime (Scrapbooking Supplies: Silk Flower, White Cardstock, Green Check Paper, Lime Rick Rack, Hot Pink Button, Pink Dot Ribbon, Pink Ribbon with Lime Stitching Pink Striped Ribbon - all ribbon purchased at Wal-mart, Safety Pin)



Baby (Scrapbooking Supplies: Purple Bazzill Cardstock, Black Ink, White Ink, Purple Flower Ribbon, Orange Flower Ribbon, Sheer Pink Ribbon, Velvet Light Purple Ribbon, Purple Flower Paper, Orange Flower Paper, White Tag)



Happy Birthday (Scrapbooking Supplies: Teal Bazzill Cardstock, Pink Flower Paper, Brown Grosgrain Ribbon)



Celebrate (Scrapbooking Supplies: Doublesided Paper, Celebrate Tag (My Minds Eye), Mesh Ribbon)



happy birthday (Scrapbooking Supplies: Swirl Stamp, Bag Stamp, ‘happy birthday’ Stamp (all stamps from Stamp it Up!) , Orange Grosgrain Ribbon, Striped Ribbon, Staple,  Blue Cardstock, Orange Cardstock, Red Cardstock)



I Love You (Scrapbooking Supplies: Black Cardstock, I Love You Paper, Love Stamp, Metallic Heart Sticker, Black Grosgrain Ribbon)



Blue Flower (Scrapbooking Supplies: Retro Flower Punch, Ocean Large Brad, Green Striped Ribbon, Dot Paper, Plaid Paper)