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What’s the best 3 ring binder for 12×12″ scrapbooking?

November 1st, 2007

Question:  Looking for 3 ring binders for 12×12 inch scrapbook paper.  What manufacturer do you recommend that you have in stock?  I heard that Hiller and KMA are good.

Answer: I hear your dilemma!  It took me a while to find the 12×12 binder that I liked.  I personally use a 12×12″ leather binder (3-ring) from KMA (Keeping Memories Alive).  There are several other companies out there that sell a similar binder.  I would just keep a few things in mind when buying one.  I chose mine because the corners are metal (very important if you want the corners of your binder and pages protected).  I also chose mine because of the d-ring style (the ring is flat on one side so the pages hang at the same distance).  Lastly, I chose mine because of the label slot on the spine.  I actually like the ones with the metal bookplate the best, but I started buying mine when just the clear plastic label holder was an option.

The brand you mentioned, “Hiller” makes a binder almost the same as “We R Memory Keepers” (they have the metal corners I like too).  I think the quality is the same, but they do have some different color options.

We R Memory Keepers” is a favorite of mine as well because I like their metal bookplate label holder on the spine. 

Another brand I like is “American Crafts” (I like the window album).

Where to buy Silver 1″ Pressed Petals Scrap Metal Letters?

May 22nd, 2007

Question: Hi Robin,

I live in the States and have been searching for the Pressed Petals Scrap Metal alphabet letters in silver (size 1′ to 1 1/8″), but have been unsuccessfull.

I am not a retailer, just an individual customer who needs to complete a scrapbooking project.  It seems that you either have to be a retailer or purchase a lot of quantities of this product to even be able to get them from Pressed Petals.  I’ve even tried ebay, but no luck.

Do you have any suggestions?
Answer: I have found some from . This link should take you directly to the Silver 1″ Pressed Petal letters.  Most of the other sites I found carrying these actually got them from Create for Less.  Good Luck!

How to Find a Scrapbooking Store Near You!

April 7th, 2007

Hi Robin -

I noticed a few postings enquiring about store locations. A useful resource is which lists scrapbook stores across North America.

Just enter your postal code or zip code, and you get a list of stores close to your house, complete with driving directions.



Card Making Ideas & Coupons/Codes for April

April 5th, 2007

Dear Scrapping Divas,

I love to share about my scrapbooking endeavors, especially when they turn out so great.  I had the awesome opportunity to join with a bunch of other gals in a “card exchange” last week.  I spent a lot of time on my cards and I was super excited about receiving 25 different cards from other scrapbooking divas.  For our exchange, everyone was asked to make 25 of the same card and bring them that night.  We had to show our card and then give one to everyone in the group.  That way we would go home with 25 fabulous cards made by friends. It was awesome.  Every card was different - styles, occasions, tools used, etc.  I wanted to share with you this week some of the many styles that I received - mostly because I want to brag :) - and so that you can scraplift them in your cardmaking and scrapbooking. 



See the cards in detail and find out where to get the products here.


Latest & Greatest: Coupon Finds of the Month - April

Deal Company Code/Coupon When It Expires
10% off your entire order Code: JAZZYTEN Unknown
$5.00 off any order over $50.00 Code: CC5599 Unknown
5% OFF any order of any size Code: NC596 Hurry. This coupon is still valid, but will expire soon.
$3 off $30 or more Code: TS457 May 31, 2007
11% off $69 or more No code needed April 9, 2007
40% off regular price of one item Code: APRA740 April 30, 2007
$2.95 shipping on $60+ order Code: RT2XY06 April 30, 2007
50% off regular price of one item Code: APRA750 April 30, 2007
Free shipping on $35 or more Code: APRFSA735 April 30, 2007
Save 40% on the regular price of any one item Code: apr38jj97krz April 30, 2007
Free shipping with $25 purchase No code needed Unknown
Free shipping on U.S. orders over $75 No code needed Unknown
Free Shipping on all stickers (US only) No code needed Forever

Let me know if you find any other coupons/codes!

Your Scrappin’ Queen,


P.S. Don’t forget - if you have questions about products or scrapbooking ideas, email me or check us out at

Are there any scrapbooking stores near London, Ontario?

March 27th, 2007

Question: Hey Robin, Just a question?  Wondering if you know of any scrapbooking stores in about 1 hour radius of London, Ontario.

Answer:  Of Course!  Here are some I found:

Scrapbook Studio Inc.
1890 Hyde Park RD
London, Ontario N6H5L9
tel: (519) 474-2665

Stamp Art
239 Hamilton Rd
London, Ontario

Stamp Shack
355 Wellington Street
(Galleria Mall)
London, Ontario

Memories On Main St
2519-A Main St,
London, ON N6P 1P9,
(519) 652-8300

22494 Adelaide
Mount Brydges,
ON N0L 1W0,
(519) 264-3206

Nanna’s Attic
333 Waterloo Street
New Hamburg,
ON N3A 1S6,
(519) 662-6200

Scrappers Junction Inc
6-169 Wharncliffe Road South
London, ON N6J 2K7, Canada
(519) 433-4614

The Rubber Room
1049 Hamilton Rd
London, ON N5W 1A1, Canada
(519) 452-1489

The Memory Mill
81 Woodvale Dr, Dorchester
ON N0L 1A0, Canada
(519) 268-0931

All About Scrap Books
22 Kent Street
Woodstock, ON N4S 8L5, Canada
(519) 533-1500

Scrapping Notions
101 Queen E
St Marys, ON N4X 1C3, Canada
(519) 284-9990

Keepsake Cottage
379 Huron Stree
Stratford, ON N5A 5T6, Canada
(519) 275-2840

Scrapping Turtle
1441 King N
St Jacobs, ON N0B 2N0, Canada
(519) 664-3951

What are some good stores in Tampa, FL that I can buy paper products (invites, scrapbooks etc.)?

February 2nd, 2007

Question: We are in Tampa visiting for a few days.  Can you suggest a store/shop in the city where we can go and buy paper products (invites, scrapbooks, ect).  On the west coast I do alot of shopping at Michael’s Art and Crafts.  I appreciate your help.
Answer: There are tons of places in Tampa, FL!  Here are a few that I haven’t personally visited, but they seem to have most of my favorite brands and products:

A Scrapbook Shoppe
3662 S West Shore Blvd, Tampa, 33629 - (813) 839-6701
Get directions - More information
B Scrapbooking With Love
9911 Race Track Rd, Tampa, 33626 - (813) 814-5892
Get directions - More information
C Scraporium Inc
16518 N Florida Ave, Lutz, 33549 - (813) 269-7946
Get directions - More information

If you do a simple search on the internet, you can find a lot more.  Hope you find what you are looking for!

How to Save Money on Scrapbooking Supplies

August 28th, 2006

Scrapbooking has become a very popular hobby in the U.S. and is becoming increasingly popular around the world. Although it is a craft and hobby, the materials and tools scrappers use can become quite expensive. I would like to give you a few tips on how you can save money.

· Trade supplies you already have with other scrappers you know. You never know what you’ll find and what you might be able to use.

· Make use of your cardstock and paper scraps by keeping them for smaller projects or use them for punching out tags or other shapes. Use them for matting, journaling, as photo corners or for color blocking, etc. You would be surprised how you can use the smallest scraps on your layouts.

· You know those 3D pop dots? Don’t just use the actual dots and throw the rest away. Cut up the frame and use that as well. If you use punch out letters, numbers or shapes, use the remaining punched out paper as a stencil.

· Instead of tools like a bone folder, you can also use the back of a kitchen knife or a ruler. For quilling you can also use a toothpick instead of a quilling tool.

· Check out your house, in the drawers to see if you can’t find items to use, such as pop caps, bottle caps, paper clips, scraps of material you don’t need anymore, thread, yarn, etc. There are just so many possibilities.

· Use computer printouts for tags, quotes, shapes to embellish your layout.

· Inventory your supplies on a regular basis to see what you still have. You might be surprised at how much you find that you didn’t know you had a stash of.

· For chipboard embellishments, use the back of notepads or parts of cartons / boxes, cover in patterned paper, cut out and there you have your chipboard embellishment. You can also print large letters backwards on patterned paper and then cover the chipboard, then cut it out with a craft knife.

· Instead of a special scrapbooking caddy, use a kitchen caddy. Believe me, it does the trick. You also might want to use transparent organizing bins that you can find in a hardware or office supply store, rather then purchasing expensive “special” scrapbooking organizers.

· Check for discounts (obviously) on scrapbook items. Check out Michael’s or Joann’s. They usually have great deals on a regular basis. Also check out your local office supply store. They might just have something you can use and it’s usually less expensive than at your local scrapbooking store.

Hope this helps you in your endeavor to “save money” while scrapping fabulous layouts!

Jacqueline M. Schimmel is a Professional Scrapbook Designer who designs custom and premade scrapbooks, cards, frames and teaches scrapbooking courses in Germany. The name of her business is Memories Artwork™ located at

Shopping for Scrapbooking Supplies on eBay

July 19th, 2006

As popular as eBay has become as an established medium for transacting business, I’ve noticed that there are still many people who are reluctant, for one reason or another, to use eBay to make purchases, even when doing so could save them lots of money.  This is as true for scrapbooking products as any other. will soon begin publishing items for sale on eBay among listings of scrapbooking products from other online marketplaces.  In order to   To help you feel comfortable shopping for scrapbooking products on eBay, here are a few things to consider.

What you need to start buying on eBay
First of all, you will need to set up an account with eBay.  You can do this by going to  Follow their instructions for setting up an account.  Essentially this will involve identifying yourself with your address, a phone number, and an email address.

Most sellers on eBay prefer (or at least suggest as an option) payment using PayPal.  If you want to use PayPal to pay for purchases on eBay, you’ll need to set up an account with them at  Doing so involves a bit more than setting up an eBay account, because you have to set up payment options through your bank or using your credit card.  If you would rather go the old fashioned route, you can pay using a money order or check.  Many sellers also accept this form of payment, but it does mean that you will receive your order later than if you pay instantly using PayPal.

Shopping for Scrapbooking Products
The easiest way to shop for scrapbooking products is to type in the name of the product you are searching for or a general search.  For instance, I just did a search for “sizzix alphabet” and 367 search results were returned.  If you do a search and find that you don’t see as many options as you’d hoped, you can broaden your search by removing search words, and you’ll likely find more variety.

eBay offers many handy features that can help you with your shopping. For instance, you can add a “watch” to your account, which allows you to track the item (to see how high the auction price is going) so that you don’t have to look for it again the next time you come back.  Also, if you want to see what price a product is selling for generally, you can check the box for “completed items” when doing a search. This will allow you to look at the auctions that have finished.  If the scrapbooking product you want to buy has been bid up to be bit out of your price range, you can check the completed items to see whether that product normally sells that high, or if the auction you are looking at just has an unusual amount of competing bidders.

Other Issues to ConsiderFeedback
The eBay feedback system allows users to rate their experiences with other eBay users.  Good sellers should be able to keep their ratings above 95%.  When you are considering buying from a seller, you should check to see whether her feedback score is high enough.  If you see a low percentage, you can read the feedback comments to see why people are having bad experiences buying products from that seller.  Chances are that if many people are complaining about slow shipping, misrepresented products, and other concerns, you will likely encounter the same problems.

The eBay feedback system allows users to rate their experiences with other eBay users.  Good sellers should be able to keep their ratings above 95%.  When you are considering buying from a seller, you should check to see whether her feedback score is high enough.  If you see a low percentage, you can read the feedback comments to see why people are having bad experiences buying products from that seller.  Chances are that if many people are complaining about slow shipping, misrepresented products, and other concerns, you will likely encounter the same problems.eBay Stores
eBay has continually increased their fees for online auctions, making it so that many sellers on eBay would rather sell their scrapbooking products from their eBay stores rather than in online auctions.  When you do a search on eBay, look at the results that are shown from store owners (usually listed below the auction results).  When you find a good store with lots of scrapbooking products, bookmark it so that you can easily find it again.  Many times store owners run auctions just so that you can find their store.  If you find a particular seller that is selling one of the supplies you need, check to see if he or she has a store.  Chances are you’ll find many more scrapbooking treasures for sale there.

Personal Information / Security
A fear that keeps many potential eBay shoppers from using that site to find scrapbooking supplies is also one of the difficult challenges facing eBay:  fraud.  Even if you don’t have an eBay account or a PayPal account, you may have noticed emails coming from people who are posing as eBay or PayPal.  These fakes ask you to follow a link that appears as if it goes to an eBay or PayPal login page, when it really takes you to their own web site.  If you follow one of these links and login with your username and password, you have given them access to your account.  Hijacked accounts can be a real problem, just like any other form of identity theft.  I recommend never logging in to eBay or PayPal from an email link.  Instead, go to the actual sites ( or and login there to see any messages you might have been sent.  Following this rule will go a long way in keeping your account secure.

There are many reasons to use eBay when shopping for scrapbooking supplies.  Knowing what to look for and how to protect yourself from bad sellers and frauds can make your eBay experience enjoyable and can save you some money on the products you normally buy from larger retail stores.

Using Online Coupons to Get Scrapbooking Discounts

June 12th, 2006

Scrapbooking can be an expensive hobby. In fact, one of the reasons many people are moving to digital scrapbooking is because of the lower cost of making a digital version of a scrapbook page and printing it off. Creating digital pages can reduce the cost of making a scrapbook by fifty percent or more, but it also can take away much of the craftiness of scrapbooking that makes it so fun. So, is there a compromise?

Obviously, getting a deal on all the components you’ll need for your scrapbooking pages can save you money and allow you to continue enjoying the physical element of scrapbooking. Shopping online is often a good way to find better deals than your local scrapbooking store, since online scrapbooking suppliers have to compete with stores that are only a mouse click away. What many scrapbookers don’t know is that there are ways to get even better deals on the scrapbooking materials they need by using coupons. Yep, just like you find in your weekly ad paper, many online scrapbooking stores offer coupons. Doing a search for “scrapbooking coupons” on Google, MSN, or Yahoo will turn up lots of pages with coupon codes that can be used for various online scrapbooking stores. For instance, I just did a search and found coupon codes for twenty-five percent off Father’s Day and patriotic themed scrapbooking products at one store, twenty percent off your first order at another store, and a few instant store credits for $5 each. For most of these stores, using a coupon is as simple as entering a code when checking out of the site.

ScrapbookFinds is planning to organize these coupon codes so that they are available for visitors to the site. Our intention is to allow you to purchase the product you found for the lowest price by comparison shopping at, and then on top of that we’ll give you a coupon to help you save even more money. We hope that with our help, you won’t be forced to give up scrapbooking the way you have grown to know it because of the cost involved. Any feedback you have on our search engine is appreciated.