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Newsletter: Paper Storage Solutions

January 23rd, 2008

Dear Scrappers,

Since we have all acquired many scrapbooking supplies over the years, most of us wonder what to do with it all now that we have it.  Do you keep it in a tote so you can travel to scrap nights?  Or do you have the “perfect” scrapbooking room where you store everything?  Many scrapbooking enthusiasts have asked me in the past what is the best way for paper storage.  Since that is the one product I think everyone has, I am going to talk about 12×12 paper storage (those of you still doing the 8 ½ x 11” paper can use most of these storage solutions as well). 

Furniture and Cubes

Store in Style Cubes



Organizer Cubes from



Storage Cabinet for 12×12″ Scrapbooking Paper from\


Paper Station from



Bins & Boxes 

Karen Foster Snap and Scrap Paper Keeper 

    \96349.jpg  Paper Holder by Cropper Hopper  431664.gif 222948.jpg431637.gif   Memory Dock Vertical Paper File 377710.jpg377709.jpg  \

 Lisa & Becky Vertical Paper Hideaway by Advantus and Cart

1091150.gif496412.gif  Frosted Storage Boxes with Lids


\Scrappers Box


431738.gif431737.gif431736.gif \\\  



12×12 stacking trays from PaperAddict 

paper02.jpg \Display Dynamics Perfect Paper Stackable Paper Trays\


Display Dynamics 12×12 Trays for slat or pegboard\    

   psslatwallvertical.jpg \1154684.jpg


I hope that I have given you some food for thought as to how to store your paper.  Obviously, I haven’t addresses every idea for storage, but I think I have covered some of the main ways to get your paper organized. Please send me your pictures and ideas and I will add them to our blog!


Your Scrapbooking Expert,


P.S. If you have questions about products or scrapbooking ideas, email me or check us out at  













The Original Scrapbox

September 11th, 2007

Information: Have you seen the Original Scrapbox?  I am a representative for the company and thought you might want to include it in your top finds section.  I am on the East coast but the company is in Utah.  It is truly amazing…a nice peice of furniture that can hold tons of scrapbooking supplies.  Let me know if you are interested in seeing it and I can send some information and pictures.  Thanks.  Barbara Lyngarkos

Robin’s Notes:  I have had many people ask me how they can store their stuff in a tight space and still have a work space - plus have it hidden.  I think this company has accomplished all of that. They have them in several colors and styles. Check them out at: .  They have a video too to see the workbox in action!



Newsletter: Chipboard is everywhere!

August 29th, 2007

Dear Scrapbookers,

The summer is over and now it is time to get back into scrapbooking (for those that took the summer off).  If you are like me and have been collecting new products all summer - even if you didn’t get a chance to scrapbook them - this is the newsletter for you.  We see it everywhere and everyone seems to be using it - it is all about CHIPBOARD.  So I want to give you some ideas for what you need to get started, cute ways to use it, and how to organize it!

First of all, let’s talk about getting some.  I have talked in the past about naked chipboard (i.e. the craft paper colored stuff that you find in sheets), but I want to concentrate on all that other stuff today.  You know, the cute, colored letters and shapes that we see all the time, but are not sure where to start.  So where do you start?  I would say the best place to start is to get some of the letter packs. Heidi Swapp is a great place to start.  She has anything from naked letters to every color under the rainbow.  I love her letters because they simple and very reasonable in price (you can get a whole alphabet set from under $3-4). 

After you have tried doing a word or two on your pages, you might want to branch out and get some chipboard brackets or punctuation to highlight a word or photo on your page.  Next you have to try using shapes or sayings that are made of chipboard.  I would suggest getting at least one “goodie box” of shapes, sayings, etc.  I love that they are all different and I can use one or two on a page and they last forever!  My new favorite good box is from “We R Memory Keepers” - the Urban Window Boho Chic is to die for!  

So now that you have collected all of these cute embellishments and used them on your pages, you need to find ways to store the rest of them.  There are really two main ways to do this.  Organize your letters and shapes by style/brand OR put all the same letters or shapes together.  I like keeping all my A’s together and B’s together and so forth.  That way if I just want to use a letter I can go to that place and see many different styles and colors of that letter and chose the one that goes best with my page. 

Here are some great ways to store yours:

1.  Use a hardware organizer from your local hardware store.  Then separate each of the drawers for your chipboard letters, shapes, quotes etc.


(From scrappingramma)

2.) Use wicker baskets and keep brands together in ziplock bags (you will want to pop the letters out if they come in sheets).

3.) Use filing folders in a file box.  Label each folder with either a letter, color, or brand and then keep those folders in a cute filing box, drawer, or expandable file folder (great for if you are a traveling scrapbooker).



4.) Use your photo storage boxes and separate your chipboard according to your use. Or try the Cropper Hopper divided storage system.  



5.) If you have drawers in your scrapbooking space, why not use separators within those drawers.  You could use utensil organizers or office supply organizers.  I also like some of the scrapbook drawer organizers like this one:



I hope some of these ideas have helped spark your interest in chipboard and how to keep it all organized!  Let me know of your great chipboard finds or storage solutions too.


Your Scrapbooking Expert,


Where do I buy a scrapbook storage system with desk/table included?

May 30th, 2007

Question: I am looking for really good storage with hopefully a desk / table included.  I like to system that is used on your web site.  Where can I find something like that?

Answer: I am not sure which system you are referring to, but there are plenty of ways to organize your space.  Here are some other ideas and where to buy them:

Crafters desk -



Store-in-Style MOdular Storage System -


Hobby Hideaway Amoire -

freestandcabinet.jpg   armoireIR.gif


White Elfa Craft Closet -


Newsletter - Five Ways to Get Organized

December 1st, 2006

Dear Scrapbooking Gals,

I am the first to admit that I feel most at home and relaxed when everything is put in its place in a perfectly organized manner.  In fact, I am almost overly organized to a fault.  But there is something so satisfying knowing that everything has a place and it is sitting there comfortably until I need to use it.  So I am going to share the plethora of knowledge I have of organizing.  Of course, we will focus on scrapbooking!  I have tried to summarize my favorite and best things to do to organize your scrapbooking supplies (keep in mind that I am branching out from the traditional ways to store things):

1.  Embellishments Spice Rack : Use a spice rack to organize your embellishments.  Many stores sell racks that are perfect for wall-mounting or you can get one to rest on a desk like a lazy susan.  Either way, the containers are the perfect size for flowers, tacks, staples, tiles, brads, eyelets, etc. Make sure to get clear ones so you can see the embellishments.  Check out the bathroom and kitchen section in your local stores (like Target, Wal-mart etc.).  You would be surprised what types of storage solutions you can come up with for your scrapbooking embellishments.


Williams-Sonoma Rack

Some companies sell some just for scrapbookers.  See some made-for-scrapbooking spice racks at :

PRI-SR-508326.jpg    507060.jpg


2.  Hanging Jars: You can adapt the above idea and make is really cheap too.  You can make hanging jars by affixing old canning jars, baby food jars, or other jars with screwing lids to a shelf.  All you have to do is drill a hole through the lid and the shelf and then screw the jar to it.  If you don’t want to permanently have holes in your shelf, just use double-sided sticky Velcro and attach it to the top of the lid and then under the shelf.  This would work the best with the baby food jars or lighter plastic jars.

3.  Traveling Scrapbookers: If you are a nomadic scrapbooker, there are many things you can use to store all those little embellishments.  I have a tackle box that works really well for storage.  Probably the best thing that I have seen besides the traditional storage totes, is the Caboodle (it was a plastic makeup container).  I used to have one when I was a teenager.  It works great with all those compartments.  Find one at a garage sale (or in your own garage . . .) or check out your local stores for something similar in the cosmetics aisle. 


4.  Paper storage:  We all know that you can buy lots of fun shelves, boxes, and trays for your paper.  But while we are all trying to save up for those somewhat expensive items, what are some other ways to store your paper?  I like the idea of using a dish drain (I am not kidding –I actually tried it and love how accessible the paper is!)


5. Hanging Paper Storage:  Ok, this one is a little more traditional for storing your papers, but I think it is so unique that I had to talk about it.  I love the idea of being able to use closet space to store your papers and other scrapbooking supplies.  Check out these great ones from Creating Keepsakes:

143068.jpg 143065.jpg 143064.jpg


Still having trouble organizing?  Try a book with tons of organization ideas for scrapbookers (Scrapjazz Organization Guide).


Your Organized Scrapbooker,


P.S. Don’t forget – if you have questions about products or scrapbooking ideas, email me or check us out at